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Webinar Replay: Gone With The Wind? Understanding Grid Resiliency electrical grid and expose communities to crippling economic and social impacts

Derechos, superstorms, human error and deliberate cyber attacks can disable vast swaths of our electrical grid and expose communities to crippling economic and social impacts. We have a number of technologies and business models that can help address grid weaknesses, but are our federal and… Electricity, Electricity Grid, Energy Collective Exclusive, grid resiliency, Politics & Legislation, Smart Grid, Understanding Grid Resiliency

Capital Bikeshare Avoided 4.4 Million Miles Of Driving Annually ($704,000 Of Gas)

Editor’s note: If you like statistics, you’ll like this post. If you like bike statistics, you’ll love this post. Some interesting stuff here, and a lot to chew on. The article is reposted from Bikocity.
Members of the Capital Bikeshare service drive 4.4 million miles (198 miles on… Capital Bikeshare, maintenance savings

New Jersey Votes “Yes” On Solar, 97.5 MW More Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

Editor’s note: New Jersey has been a clear solar leader for a long time. Per capita, last we checked, it was #2 in the United States. If the 50 US states were competing with the many countries of the world, it would be #6 per capita. The state seems to have taken some pride in this, and it… Energy Master Plan, New Jersey, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, SEIA, Solar Energy Industries Association

Wind energy a big part of solving climate change challenges, not biggest threat to birds

By neglecting to discuss the main threat to the biodiversity on this planet – climate change – the recent article by Associated Press reporter Dina Cappiello (“Wind farms get pass,“ May 14) offered an incomplete analysis of the interaction between wind power and wildlife.
As a… birds wildlife wind energy

Vestas outsources warehouse operations in Europe warehouses in Romania (Bucharest), Spain (Ourense) and Sweden (Umeå)

As part of establishing this change 22 local warehouses will be closed and the new spare parts network will be mainly organised by one central warehouse in Germany (Grimma near Leipzig), and three area warehouses in Romania (Bucharest), Spain (Ourense) and Sweden (Umeå)

In addition… Grimma near Leipzig, Romania (Bucharest), Spain (Ourense), Sweden (Umeå), Vestas wind energy, warehouse in Germany, warehouses

Is a High Renewables Future Really Possible? “pipe dream.” Last year IEEE published “A Skeptic Looks at Alternative Energy,”

In recent weeks and months, there’s been much to celebrate about renewable energy and the electricity system—wind energy and solar  power in particular are continually breaking records for installed capacity and actual generation.
But amidst the celebratory fanfare there’s also been an… Cambridge University Press, Global Energy Assessment, High Renewables Future, Renewables solar wind energy, solar energy wind energy, Stockholm Environment Institute, Toward a Sustainable Future

Poland could generate 6 GW from offshore wind energy Polish Wind Energy Association.

Poland could generate up to z?.73 billion from expanding its offshore wind energy program, provided that 6 GW of marine turbines are built by 2025, Ernst & Young wrote in a report prepared for the Polish Wind Energy Association.
Such a development could also provide over 31,000 jobs and… Offshore, Poland wind energy, Polish Wind Energy Association

Solar Power International 2013 SPI is presented by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA).

he solar energy industry is in high gear and at Solar Power International 2013 (SPI ’13), October 21-24, McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, participants can plug into the technologies, personal connections and professional insights that give rise to new business and learning… Chicago., concentrated solar energy, Concentrating Solar Power, CSP solar energy, Illinois, McCormick Place, SEIA, SEPA, Solar Electric Power Association, Solar Energy Industries Association, Solar Power, Solar Power International 2013

Geothermal Energy gets a charge from Solar Thermal Marc Rappaport of Rappaport Energy Consulting LLC,

Geothermal solar hybrid retrofit project receives Department of Energy Grant Approval
Marc Rappaport of Rappaport Energy Consulting LLC received notification the US Department of Energy (USDOE) approved a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase 1 grant proposal for $ 149,900. The… (USDOE), Geothermal Energy, solar thermal, US Department of Energy

Wind turbines arrives for Panama’s first wind farm

Spanish-owned Union Eolica Panameña, or UEP, started unloading the sections of the giant wind towers that will hold the wind turbines at the $440 million Penonome wind farm, the first wind power plant of its kind in Panama and the largest in Central America.
The first two barges carrying the… generation power plant, Goldwind, Panama¡ wind energy, wind turbines, Wind turbines industry, Wind turbines power plant

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