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Unzpip A Carbon Nanotube, Find A Graphene Ribbon, Create A “Flexible: Li-Ion Battery few years ago researchers at Rice University

In what sounds like a solution in search of a problem, a few years ago researchers at Rice University figured out a way to create graphene ribbons by “unzipping” carbon nanotubes. Well, now it looks like a problem has been found, and it’s a big one with huge implications for the solar and… advanced energy storage, Carbon Nanotube, Energy Storage, graphene nanoribbons, How To Make A Graphene Nanoribbon, researchers at Rice University, sulfur-lithium technology


Global Grid Energy Storage Market to Reach $10.4 Billion in 2017 “strategic valuable partnerships are key to success”

Lux Research have released a new report which states that grid storage demand will grow to $10.4 billion in 2017, and that “strategic valuable partnerships are key to success”.
The grid storage market has grown surprisingly fast, starting from a modest $200 million in 2012, making the $10.4… advanced energy storage, Cleantech, Electricity Grid, Energy and Economy, energy investment, Finance, Global Grid Energy Storage Market, Global Grid Storage Market, Green Business, grid infrastructure, Lux Research, News, SEIA, smart meter, Solar Energy Industries Association, Storage

Renewable Energy and the Law of Receding Horizons build a 100% renewable energy society by 2050,

Many people believe that we can realistically build a 100% renewable energy society by 2050, thereby totally getting off fossil fuels in time to avoid the problems related to peak oil and climate change. This is certainly an extremely attractive ideal and, theoretically, it could be accomplished… 100% renewable energy, advanced energy storage, Biofuels, Carbon and De-carbonization, Climate, energy investment, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Power, Politics & Legislation, Receding Horizons, renewable energy, Renewables, Storage

Grid-Scale Energy Storage on the Cusp of True Market Entry holy grail of renewable energy Energy Storage Association meeting

Energy storage is often called the holy grail of renewable energy. The problem with the “grail”language is that the grail was never located. At least not with a compelling business case.
There is a lot to report from this week’s Energy Storage Association… advanced energy storage, big data, Electricity Grid, Energy and Economy, Energy Storage Association meeting, Finance, grid infrastructure, Grid-Scale Energy Storage, renewable energy, Renewables, Storage, Tech, True Market Entry

Plug-and-Play Grid Energy Storage Thanks to 1Energy’s Software per-kilowatt-hour basis, grid-scale battery projects

Why do batteries for the grid cost so much more, on a per-kilowatt-hour basis, than batteries for laptops, or even for electric vehicles? It’s not the cost of the battery technologies themselves, or even necessarily what grid customers are demanding from them.
Instead, it’s that today’s… 1Energy’s Software, advanced energy storage, demand response, Electricity, Electricity Storage 1Energy’s Software, Electricity Storage Association (ESA), Finance, Green Business, Grid Energy Storage, grid infrastructure, grid-scale battery projects, per-kilowatt-hour basis, Plug-and-Play, Renewables, Smart Grid, software, Storage, Tech, Utilities

Can Energy Storage Make Wind and Solar Energy as Reliable as Coal? generated 3.5% and about 0.1%, respectively, of US electricity last year

Wind and solar power generated 3.5% and about 0.1%, respectively, of US electricity last year.  These figures represent large increases from much smaller levels in the last decade as the cost of these technologies declined significantly, particularly for solar photovoltaic (PV) modules…. advanced energy storage, baseload power, deployment, Efficiency, Electricity Grid, Energy Storage Make, Finance, of US electricity, Reliable Coal energy, Solar Power, Storage, Tech, Wind, wind and solar energy

Energy Storage, Meet Energy Markets AES Energy Storage is one of the world’s biggest grid energy storage project developers,

AES Energy Storage is one of the world’s biggest grid energy storage project developers, with 150 megawatts of battery-based energy storage installed from the windy hills of West Virginia to Chile’s Atacama desert. But that’s just a small part of the bigger business of parent… advanced energy storage, Electricity Grid, Energy and Economy, energy investment, Finance, Green Business, News, Renewables, software, Storage, Tech

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