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Replacing Leaded Aviation Gasoline with Renewable Ethanol Federal ‘renewable fuels standard’ program

Under the Clean Air Act (CAA) the EPA is responsible to protect the Public from toxic pollutants including lead in motor vehicle exhausts.  The EPA is also responsible for the Federal ‘renewable fuels standard’  program and setting annual Transportation ethanol blending-consumption… Agriculture, aviation fuel, aviation gasoline, Clean Air Act (CAA), Energy and Economy, Environment, Environmental Policy, Ethanol, internal combustion engine’ (ICE), light duty vehicle LDV, Oil, Public Health, technology innovations


Biofuels News: Aviation, Algae, and Production the biofuel industry coming from KLM, Kior and Sapphire Energy.

Here are some big news items from the biofuel industry coming from KLM, Kior and Sapphire Energy.
Let’s start with KLM, which announced on March 8 that it is now operating a weekly flight (Flight KL642) from New York to Amsterdam operated by a Boeing 777-200 powered by biofuels supplied by…

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