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Small Energy Secretariat to be established for ensuring investment in energy projects Punjab Chief Minister

LAHORE,  Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has decided to set up a small energy secretariat for ensuring investment in energy projects, provision of facilities to investors and rapid implementation on projects It was decided in a high level meeting of the Punjab Energy Committee held … bagasse, biogas, biomass, Coal, hydle, investment in energy projects, Punjab Energy Committee, Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, solar

China to create $3 billion solar fund for Pakistan China to support Pakistan in utilising its solar energy resources

A Chinese company is ready to create a special solar fund worth three billion dollars in China to support Pakistan in utilising its solar energy resources. The company has the capacity to establish a solar plant of 1000MW in 6 to 8 months in Pakistan, while 50MW to 100 MW solar energy can be… Alternative Energy, Alternative Energy in Pakistan, Alternative Energy News, batteries, Biofuels, biogas, biomass, Board of Investment (BoI), Charge Controller, Electricity, Energy, Energy Crises, Energy Crises in Pakistan, Energy News, green energy, Hydel Energy, Hydropower, Inverter, LED lights, LVD Induction Lamps, PAKISTAN, Pakistan Renewable Energy Society, renewable energy, Renewable Energy Financing, Renewable Energy News, Renewable Energy NGOs, Renewable Energy NGOs in Pakistan, Renewable Energyin Pakistan, solar energy, solar energy resources, Solar Panels, solar Street lights, solar water heaters, Solar Water Pumping, Wind energy

No fuel shortage for biogas projects: Shahbaz signing of an MoU between the Canadian company

LAHORE: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Friday that signing of an MoU between the Canadian company and the biogas project was a welcoming step. He said there were vast opportunities of generating energy through biomass and biogas in Punjab and the government would fully benefit from these… between, biogas, Canadian, Company, projects, Shahbaz, shortage, signing

Public-private partnership: Asian Development Bank (ADB) to set up solar energy projects in Punjab under public-private partnership in Punjab.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Punjab government have agreed to enhance co-operation in energy sector. ADB would set up solar energy projects under public-private partnership in Punjab. The first project of solar energy will be completed within a year whereas ADB will complete 2000MW solar… ADB solar energy projects in Punjab, Asian Development Bank (ADB), biogas, biomass, Coal, hydro energy projects

‘Private sector can help resolve energy crisis’ increasing electricity production

LAHORE STEPS are being taken on emergent basis to overcome energy crisis and a comprehensive strategy will be evolved after seeking proposals from all the departments concerned in order to formulate a better policy, said Punjab Energy Minister Sher Ali Khan here Saturday.
Presiding over a… biogas, biomass, Coal, hydel, increasing electricity production, Punjab Energy Minister, reviewing energy, Sher Ali Khan, solar, Wind

Shahbaz vows to rid masses of loadshedding menace launching energy projects from coal, biomass, biogas, solar (renewables enenrgy)

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on Friday said the PML-N-led government is making sincere efforts on war footing for overcoming shortage of electricity and the promise to rid the people of the menace of loadshedding will be honoured at any cost.
“Energy crisis has badly… alternative sources, biogas, biomass, Coal, controlling energy crisis, launching of power generation projects, menace of loadshedding, shortage of electricity, solar

Nawaz takes stock of power crisis immediate measures were discussed to minimise electricity loadshedding.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday chaired a meeting of experts in which various immediate measures were discussed to minimise electricity loadshedding. Sources in the PML-N toldBusiness Recorder that the meeting decided to use all available options to tackle… (PML-N), bagasse, biogas, biomass projects, electricity loadshedding, investment in power sector, Nawaz takes stock, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, power crisis immediate measures, President Nawaz Sharif

Copenhagen aims to be make the city world’s first 100% carbon neutral capital city by 2025

Copenhagen is making a bid to be the world’s first totally carbon neutral capital
Copenhagen City Council is continuing to implement its plan, approved in August 2012, to make the city the world’s first 100% carbon neutral capital city.
In order to fully realise this objective… bioethanol, biogas, carbon neutral capital city, city’s energy infrastructure, Electricity, hydrogen, world’s first carbon free city

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