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Can a Second Global Carbon Market Emerge? May Carbon Expo was held in Barcelona

At the very end of May Carbon Expo was held in Barcelona. It was an excellent event, overall attendance was good and there were still quite a few exhibitors at the Expo hoping for life in the project mechanism market of the current “global carbon market”. But this is an area of trade that… Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, Carbon Expo, carbon market, carbon pricing, Energy and Economy, Environment, Environmental Policy, global carbon market, News, Politics & Legislation

EU Biofuels and Indirect Land Use Change Proposal (ILUC)[VIDEO]

Peter O’Donnell, European Affairs journalist for viEUws – the EU Policy Broadcaster, is joined by Tom Hanney, Irish Ambassador to the EU, to discuss the Indirect Land Use Change Proposal (ILUC).
In the Environment Council, there are very divergent views concerning ILUC, especially… (ILUC), Agriculture, Biofuels, biofuels production, Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, Cleantech, Climate, Efficiency, Energy and Economy, Energy Security, Environmental Policy, eu, Indirect Land Use Change Proposal, Politics & Legislation, Renewables

Climate Change Policy: Should Ambition Always be First? EU international position on climate change

At an event in Brussels earlier this week the EU Commission shared some initial thinking with business and NGOs on the consultation they have launched with regards the EU international position on climate change as we head towards COP 21 in France in 2015 where a deal is targeted for agreement…. Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon capture and sequestration, Climate, climate change policy, Climate Conferences, Climate Environmental Policy, Energy and Economy, Environmental Policy, eu emission trading scheme, International Climate Conferences, Politics & Legislation

Climate Change and the Price of Carbon vs. a Price on Carbon [VIDEO] immediate and long term impact on human existence on Earth

While browsing AdWeek, I came across a video titled The Price of Carbon and thought it would be worth sharing as a conversation starter. It’s a pretty concise way to encourage the continuation of a complex discussion about a topic with immediate and long term impact on human… Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon pricing, Climate, climate change, CO2 Emissions, Environment, Finance, Fossil Fuels, human existence on Earth, immediate and long term impact, Politics & Legislation, Price of Carbon, Price on Carbon VIDEO, Public Health

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Still Falls Short of Real Carbon Pricing cost containment reserve (CCR),

Last February, The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) announced changes to its rules (known as “The Model Rule”). The most significant change was the lowering of the system’s cap 45% in 2014 to 91 million tons per year in 2014. The cap will steadily decrease at 2.5% per annum… Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon price, CCR, Climate, Coal, cost containment reserve, Electricity Grid, Energy and Economy, Environmental Policy, EU ETS, International Climate Conferences, natural gas, Politics & Legislation, Real Carbon Pricing, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, regional greenhouse gas initiative (rggi), Renewables, RGGI, Still Falls Short, Utilities

Collecting and Spending Carbon Emissions Revenue source of revenue into the national treasury.

Whether it is via the auction of allowances or the taxation of carbon emissions, climate policy is increasingly being seen as a source of revenue into the national treasury. For example, the Australian carbon pricing mechanism will raise several billion dollars per annum in its fixed price… (ICMM), Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon tax, Climate, Energy and Economy, energy pricing, Environmental Policy, EU ETS Phase, European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS), Finance, International Council on Mining and Metals, ongoing hypothecation, Politics & Legislation

Climate Change Negotiations in Bonn and the Road to Paris and COP 21 Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

The latest round of climate negotiations wound down last Friday in Bonn, Germany with most delegates from the nearly two hundred countries represented expressing guarded optimism that progress has been made toward laying the groundwork for an international agreement to be signed in 2015 at… Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, Climate, Climate Change Negotiations, climate change policy, COP 21, Environment, Executive Secretary, International Climate Conferences, Road to Paris, UNFCCC, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Cap-and-Trade Auction Investment Plan a Win for California draft investment plan released by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently.

California’s clean economy is dominated by industries like clean transportation, energy generation, and energy efficiency. So it comes as no surprise these areas were targeted for cap-and-trade auction proceeds investments in the draft investment plan released by the California Air Resources… (CARB), Auction Investment, California Air Resources Board, California draft, Cap-and-Trade, clean transportation, energy efficiency, energy generation, investment plan released

Climate Change and Europe’s Carbon Emissions Failure the decarbonization of the European economy

After the European Parliament voted down a proposal to prop up its flagship emissions trading scheme (ETS), most observers finally admitted what has been obvious for a while: the program is contributing little to accelerating the decarbonization of the European economy. However, a few… Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon dioxide, Climate, climate change, decarbonization, economic activity (GDP), Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), Environment, Environmental Policy, Europe’s Carbon Emissions Failure, European economy, European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS), Finance, Politics & Legislation

In Need of a Nudge? Carbon Tax and Making Polluters Pay French fries in the cafeteria,

Nudge is the best kind of book. It presents the type of head-slappingly obvious solutions to public policy problems that make you wonder why you needed a book to tell you about them in the first place. Place the veggies before the French fries in the cafeteria, and people will eat more greens…. California Cap-and-Trade, Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon tax, Coal, Energy and Economy, Environment, Finance, Incentives, Oil, Politics & Legislation

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