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IEA to thermal coal miners: Leave it in the ground Australia’s Coal Industry, Dr Nikki Williams,

Two weeks ago, the head of Australia’s Coal Industry, Dr Nikki Williams, railed against “environmental extremists” who were seeking to prevent miners from digging their reserves of thermal coal out of the ground. One wonders what she would make of the International Energy Agency.
The… carbon capture and storage (ccs), global warming targets, IEA to thermal coal

The Renewable Energy Reality clean and “free” energy for everyone forever?

Renewable energy is ideologically very attractive. After all, who would not want clean and “free” energy for everyone forever? Such ideological perfection can easily switch off the critical thinking of environmentally conscious individuals and this is exactly what we are seeing at… Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon capture and storage (ccs), Cleantech, Climate, climate change policy, energy for everyone forever, Environmental Policy, nuclear energy, Politics & Legislation, Renewables, Sustainability, The Renewable Energy Reality clean

Bridging the Gap? Natural Gas and Long-Term Climate Change Goals

My previous post examined the short-term impact of the North American shale gas boom on CO2 emissions, both at home and in Europe. Today’s entry will take a broader view by looking at the long-term effects that rising natural gas consumption will have on the climate. In particular, I want to…

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