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Energy Poverty: We Need to Do So Much More led by the World Bank and the International Energy Agency

A recent multi-agency study led by the World Bank and the International Energy Agency has found that if we continue as we do, i.e. a business as usual approach, it will be nowhere near sufficient to achieve the goals of the UN’s Sustainable Energy for ALL (SE4ALL) Initiative. As a… Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon pricing, China, economic development, Electricity, Energy and Economy, energy poverty, Environment, Environmental Policy, HIV/AIDS, International Energy Agency, Politics & Legislation, population of India, Public Health, World Bank

Can a Second Global Carbon Market Emerge? May Carbon Expo was held in Barcelona

At the very end of May Carbon Expo was held in Barcelona. It was an excellent event, overall attendance was good and there were still quite a few exhibitors at the Expo hoping for life in the project mechanism market of the current “global carbon market”. But this is an area of trade that… Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, Carbon Expo, carbon market, carbon pricing, Energy and Economy, Environment, Environmental Policy, global carbon market, News, Politics & Legislation

Climate Change and the Price of Carbon vs. a Price on Carbon [VIDEO] immediate and long term impact on human existence on Earth

While browsing AdWeek, I came across a video titled The Price of Carbon and thought it would be worth sharing as a conversation starter. It’s a pretty concise way to encourage the continuation of a complex discussion about a topic with immediate and long term impact on human… Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon pricing, Climate, climate change, CO2 Emissions, Environment, Finance, Fossil Fuels, human existence on Earth, immediate and long term impact, Politics & Legislation, Price of Carbon, Price on Carbon VIDEO, Public Health

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