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World Wind Turbines To Cross 300,000 Megawatt Mark amount of energy they are able to generate has reached tremendous levels.

Wind turbines are here to stay. They are increasing in numbers every day, and industry figures show that the amount of energy they are able to generate has reached tremendous levels.
The 19th century belonged to coal, the 20th to oil, and the 21st century belongs to clean energy, with wind… clean energy, European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), Wind power prices

Unlikely City Claims Largest Electric Car Share …and moving inland. Indianapolis, the nation’s twelfth largest city,

Far from high-tech Silicon Valley or hipster Austin, Texas, the largest all-electric car-sharing service is being built.
If your second guess is Portland or Brooklyn, keep guessing…and moving inland. Indianapolis, the nation’s twelfth largest city, will install 1,200 charging stations… clean energy, Department of Energy, electric car-sharing, electric cars, Electric Vehicles, Electricity, Energy Systems Network (ESN), fuels, Largest Electric Car, Renewables, Transportation, universities and large companies

Court Delivers Victory for Clean Energy Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Last Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit issued a resounding endorsement of the value of high-voltage transmission needed to bring clean energy to millions of electricity customers.  Their forcefully-worded decision barely made a ripple in the media, not even in the… (FERC), clean energy, Electricity, Electricity Grid, Energy, energy grid, Energy Policy, Environmental Policy, evidentiary materials, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Midwest Independent System Operator, MISO, Politics & Legislation, renewable energy goals, US Court of Appeals, Utilities, Wind

Clean Energy: A New Way to Invest in the Future Mosaic listed its first public solar energy investments.

Here’s a puzzler for our new era: Let’s say you want to set aside some money. Where should you put it?
Over the last ten years the stock market has become increasingly volatile, and yields for real estate investments, bonds, and CDs are all at or near 10-year lows. The old advice to… clean energy, Emerging energy technologies, first public solar energy investments, Invest in the solar Future, loans for clean energy, solar large energy projects

National Survey: Nearly 90% Of Americans Say Government Should Act On Global Warming, Push Ahead On Clean Energy

Climate change continues to be a touchstone issue in US politics, one that casts a harsh, sharp light not only on a bitterly divided, “dysfunctional” US Congress, but on the state of the United States’ system of representative democracy, and even more broadly, on the interface between… clean energy, Global Warming, National Survey, Survey Climate change

Abundant Clean Energy For & By The People institutions save money on electricity bills,

Mosaic is an online marketplace that makes it easy for anyone to invest in solar energy projects. Investors earn competitive returns, community centers and other institutions save money on electricity bills, and we all benefit from more clean energy. Abundant Clean Energy, clean energy, electricity bills, institutions save money

South Africa to build wind farm in search for clean energy National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA)

In a further move in developing clean energy, South Africa will build a wind farm which will generate up to 100 MW of power, it was announced on Monday.
The 2.4-billion-rand (258-million-US-dollar) project will be undertaken by Eskom, the state-own electricity utility, according to the… África, clean energy, National Energy Regulator of South Africa, NERSA, South Africa wind energy, South Africa wind farm

Susan Osborne Explains Why Boulder Opted For A Clean Energy Takeover Local Energy Rules Podcast

The process started in 2003 when Boulder resumed studying the option to create a municipal utility. With a climate-action plan already in place, and a local carbon tax already financing conservation and clean energy, the once nascent issue became a serious option in Boulder. Creating a municipal… Boulder Opted, clean energy, Local Energy Rules Podcast, Susan Osborne Explains


Tata Power Co., the utility business of India’s largest business group, is considering an initial public offering of its clean-energy unit next financial year.
The utility plans to increase wind and solar power capacity at Tata Power Renewable Energy Ltd. almost fivefold in the year to March… clean energy, next financial year

Health system’s data centers first in Pennsylvania to commit to 100% Pa. wind power clean energy and local job creation. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) said Monday that its data centers have gone “green” to support both clean energy and local job creation.
Through the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs) for Pennsylvania wind power equal to its data centers’ annual energy usage,… clean energy, first in Pennsylvania, Health system’s data centers, local job creation, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, UPMC, wind power

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