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Phase out fossil fuel subsidies and limit use of coal-fired plants, International Energy Agency (IEA) says

The world is not on track to reach its goal of limiting global temperature increase to 2°C, warned the International Energy Agency (IEA) on Monday.
Highlighting the need for intensive action in the energy sector before 2020, the IEA noted that the energy sector accounts for about two-thirds of… climate change, co2, Coal, energy sector, global greenhouse gas, International Energy Agency (IEA), Wind energy

Oil Limits and Climate Change (Peak Oil Demand is Already a Huge Problem),

They say that every cloud has a silver lining. If future energy consumption (which is mostly fossil fuel) drops because of a financial collapse brought on by high oil prices and other limits, then, at least in theory, climate change should be less of a problem.  One of the important variables… Carbon and De-carbonization, Climate, climate change, co2, Energy and Economy, energy consumption, Environment, Finance, future energy consumption, Oil, Oil prices, Risk Management

CO2 Hits New High: Living In a League Where Batting 400 Is Not Good the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced yesterday.

Carbon dioxide concentrations have hit 400 parts per million for the first time in at least three million years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced yesterday. That’s 40 percent more than the CO2 level in the air at the start of the Industrial Revolution in the… 400 ppm, Atmospheric Administration announced, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon emissions, Climate, co2, CO2 Hits New High, Columbia University, Energy and Economy, Industrial Revolution, Living In a League, National Oceanic, News, Risk Management, Sustainability

Climate Change and CO2 400 ppm graphic and stories by BBC (Carbon dioxide passes symbolic mark) and AFP (Carbon dioxide in atmosphere hits historic high)

If you follow the climate news to even a moderately obsessive degree, then you’re aware that we’ve been creeping up on 400ppm, which is to say, an amount of CO2 in the atmosphere that’s 400 parts per million, by volume.
As the above graphic and stories by BBC (Carbon dioxide passes… 400 ppm, AFP, BBC, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon dioxide, Carbon dioxide passes, carbon emissions, Climate, co2, community energy, Energy and Economy, energy investment, Environment, Finance, Germany, News, Renewables, Risk Management, Sustainability, Wind

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