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A Crisis of Leadership? Rebuilding Trust in the Energy Industry [VIDEO]

Energy is a multi-trillion dollar sector and energy products form some of the most basic inputs into our modern industrial society. What’s more, the energy industry sits at the intersection of government policy and complex markets. It’s understandable then that everyone, from consumers to… Biofuels, Coal, Communications and Messaging, Energy, Energy Collective Exclusive, Energy Industry, fuels, natural gas, Nuclear Power, Oil, Politics & Legislation, public trust, Renewables, Solar Power, Trust Factor, Wind

Nuclear Energy and My Greenpeace Conundrum killing innocent wildlife, destroying our forests, pillaging aquatic life, increasing global warming and endangering human health

Greenpeace USA wants me to renew my annual membership. I’m ambivalent.
A letter signed by Phil Radford, who leads Greenpeace USA, paints a dire picture of the state of the environment:
We all see polluters poisoning our air, water and land; killing innocent wildlife, destroying our… Carbon and De-carbonization, Climate, Communications and Messaging, Curb Global Warming, destroying our forests, Energy and Economy, Environment, greenpeace, Greenpeace Speaks Out, Greenpeace USA wants, killing innocent wildlife, low carbon transition plan, new nuclear plants, Nuclear Power, pillaging aquatic life, Politics & Legislation, Public Health, renew annual membership, Renewables

The Irrelevance of Climate Change Skeptics Martin Wolf of the Financial Times announced that the “climate skeptics have won

Earlier this week, Martin Wolf of the Financial Times announced that the “climate skeptics have won.”His comments echo those of former Nasa scientist James Hansen who told an audience in Edinburgh last year that the skeptics “have been winning the public debate with the help… Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon emissions, Climate, climate change skeptics, Communications and Messaging, Energy and Economy, Environment, Politics & Legislation, public attitudes

Nissan Leaf Achieves Best Safety Rating From Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)

Here’s some more good Nissan Leaf news to wrap up the weekend. The 2013 Nissan Leaf has received a “Top Safety Pick” rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Image Credit: IIHS
“Driver and passenger safety are top priorities for Nissan and the ‘Top Safety… (AABS), Best Safety Rating, Cleantech, Communications and Messaging, energy investment, ev, Finance, Green Jobs, IIHS, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, News, Nissan Advanced Air Bag System, nissan leaf, Nissan Leaf Achieves, Public Health, Traction Control System (TCS), Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)

Solar and Wind Energy: Value in Restating the Obvious about Renewables electricity as the same-size solar panel in Germany

George Orwell once said “Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.”
In this vein, here is Kevin Bullis in today’s MIT Technology Review:
Siemens says it would make sense to build solar power plants in sunny countries in Europe rather than in cloudy… anti-renewables, Communications and Messaging, Efficiency, Energy and Economy, Environment, Finance, germany solar power, off-shore wind, Renewables electricity, Solar and Wind Energy, solar panel in Germany, Solar Power, Tech, Value in Restating, Wind

Risks to American Nuclear Energy from “Non-Proliferation” Excesses Former Defense Brass Object to ‘More Restrictive’ Nuclear Trade Policies

Elaine Grossman has published a piece on titled Former Defense Brass Object to ‘More Restrictive’ Nuclear Trade Policies that is critical of an effort led byJohn Hamre to question recent deliberations by the Obama Administration. The end result of the talks has the potential… Brass Object, Communications and Messaging, Energy and Economy, Excesses Former Defense, Finance, free trade, international nuclear energy market, More Restrictive, Non-Proliferation, nonproliferation, nuclear energy market, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Trade Policies, Politics & Legislation, Risks to American Nuclear Energy, Tech

Renewable Energy’s Popularity: Support for Wind Farms? UK’s chief renewable lobby group Renewable UK

How many people support renewables or nuclear power, or for that matter fracking? To find the answer, most commentators will just pluck a value from the nearest opinion poll to hand, however a closer to look at these polls shows that they should be treated with caution.
Consider fracking. Last… Communications and Messaging, Energy and Economy, fracking, natural gas, polling, Risk Management, Wind, wind farms

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