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Energy Poverty: We Need to Do So Much More led by the World Bank and the International Energy Agency

A recent multi-agency study led by the World Bank and the International Energy Agency has found that if we continue as we do, i.e. a business as usual approach, it will be nowhere near sufficient to achieve the goals of the UN’s Sustainable Energy for ALL (SE4ALL) Initiative. As a… Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon pricing, China, economic development, Electricity, Energy and Economy, energy poverty, Environment, Environmental Policy, HIV/AIDS, International Energy Agency, Politics & Legislation, population of India, Public Health, World Bank

High Oil Prices Starting to Affect China and IndiaEnergy Security US Energy Information Administration

The US Energy Information Administration recently released its report showing oil consumption by country updated through 2012. Based on this report, it appears that at current high oil prices, demand in both China and India is being reduced. Thus, for those who are wondering how high oil… China, economic development, Energy and Economy, Energy Security, Finance, high oil prices, India, Oil, Oil prices, Politics & Legislation, Risk Management, US Energy Information Administration

federal government is continuously focusing Resolution of energy crisis: ‘months-based plan’ chalked out, says Mansha

Mian Mohammad Mansha, Chairman Mansha Group Friday said the newly-formed federal government is continuously focusing on resolution of energy crisis in the country, not the years, but months-based plan has been chalked out, things would be improved very soon. He said Pakistan has been… economic development, energy crisis, federal government

Tales of Shale States: Jobs, Economic Growth shale natural gas revolution has revolutionized the state’s economy. A recent IHS report

Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York. Three states blessed with vast shale resources, three stories:
The shale natural gas revolution has revolutionized the state’s economy. A recent IHS report:
The adoption of hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania was the main driver of double digit…

Planetary Boundaries as Political Power Grab Melissa Leach, Director of the STEPS Centre at Sussex University,

Writing at the Huffington Post UK, Melissa Leach, Director of the STEPS Centre at Sussex University, asks a provocative question:
When the cover of the Economist famously announced ’Welcome to the anthropocene’ a couple of years ago, was it welcoming us to a new geological… Climate, Communications and Messaging, economic development, Energy and Economy, Environment, Environmental Policy, new sustainable, planetary boundaries, Politics & Legislation, Risk Management, Sussex University, Sustainability

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