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Unlikely City Claims Largest Electric Car Share …and moving inland. Indianapolis, the nation’s twelfth largest city,

Far from high-tech Silicon Valley or hipster Austin, Texas, the largest all-electric car-sharing service is being built.
If your second guess is Portland or Brooklyn, keep guessing…and moving inland. Indianapolis, the nation’s twelfth largest city, will install 1,200 charging stations… clean energy, Department of Energy, electric car-sharing, electric cars, Electric Vehicles, Electricity, Energy Systems Network (ESN), fuels, Largest Electric Car, Renewables, Transportation, universities and large companies

“Captain Sunshine” Interested In Buying Better Place currently in financial trouble and winding down

Yosef Abramowitz, dubbed as “Captain Sunshine” wants to purchase Better Place (its assets), which is currently in financial trouble and winding down its operations outside of Israel. Better Place filed for bankruptcy last month after selling approximately 900 cars in Israel and 400 in… electric cars, financial trouble, first commercial solar

Car Hater To EV Lover (What Made Me Into An Electric Car Lover?) xperience studying

Here’s a short version of how I changed from being ‘ugh’ about cars to ‘meh’ about electric cars to a super EV enthusiast. Check her out:
I’m not going to lie — I’ve got issues with cars. My master’s degree is in city and regional planning. From my experience studying that… Electric Car Lover, electric cars, gasmobiles, Global Warming, nissan leaf, renewable electricity, Tesla Model

US Attains 100,000 Plug-In Vehicle Milestone Electric cars!

US Attains 100,000 Plug-In Vehicle Milestone!
Editor’s Note: I noticed the 100,000 milestone was passed a couple days ago — very exciting news. Took us a bit to get this story up, but an interesting thing to note is that the number is now up to 101,041, a couple days later. That’s… electric cars, Vehicle Milestone is energy news and research technology and is an online, global energy news service operated by Alternative and renewable energy society.  and provides a central place through which news papers,… alternative and renewable energy, Biodiesel, Biofuel News, Biofuels, Economy, electric cars, Environment, Environment News, Ethanol, Events, fuel cells, Future Energy, Geothermal Energy, Human Power, hybrid cars, Hydro Power, hydrogen fuel, Hydrogen News, Industry, international market related to Batteries, Inventions, medicine and technology, News, Pedal Power, photovoltaics, Politics, Public Transit, research in energy, Solar Power, Solar Power News, Solar PV, sources management, tidal power, Transportation, Transportation News, Waste Energy, Wave Power, wind farms, wind power, Wind Power News, Wind Turbines science

Moving Beyond Corporate Average Fuel Economy federal government’s stringent new fuel economy standards.

Recent announcements by Ford and GM show that the giants of American auto manufacturing are investing in various approaches to meet the federal government’s stringent new fuel economy standards. However, GM’s focus on plug-in electric vehicles may show that the company is looking beyond… CAFE, Corporate Average Fuel Economy, EcoBoost engine, Efficiency, electric cars, Energy and Economy, Environment, fuel efficiency standards, fuels, nissan leaf, Tech, Transportation

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