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Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) may boost ROI for electric vehicles innovative new approach to energy storage

Though still in its infancy to a degree,V2G technology is being tested widely in both the private and public sectors. For example, the University of Delaware and NRG Energy began work in September 2011 to commercialize V2G technology, and in February last year its V2G system became what’s… Electric Vehicles, Electric-drive vehicles, energy source and power electronics, Energy Storage, innovative new approach, Vehicle-to-grid (V2G), What is V2G

Unlikely City Claims Largest Electric Car Share …and moving inland. Indianapolis, the nation’s twelfth largest city,

Far from high-tech Silicon Valley or hipster Austin, Texas, the largest all-electric car-sharing service is being built.
If your second guess is Portland or Brooklyn, keep guessing…and moving inland. Indianapolis, the nation’s twelfth largest city, will install 1,200 charging stations… clean energy, Department of Energy, electric car-sharing, electric cars, Electric Vehicles, Electricity, Energy Systems Network (ESN), fuels, Largest Electric Car, Renewables, Transportation, universities and large companies

Lifetime Costs of Electric Cars Within 10% of Competing Vehicles Nissan Leaf even cheaper on average

It’s no secret that upfront cost is one of the major obstacles when it comes to the attractiveness of electric cars on the market.
But drivers should think again, according to a new analysis from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The study compared the prices of the Nissan Leaf… car buyers estimate, Chevy Volt, conventional vehicles, electric car cost, Electric Power Research Institute, Electric Vehicles, EPRI, epri nissan leaf, lifetime costs vehicle

Google Encourages You To Plug In @ Work Like It Did 500 participants attended Google and drove around in various electric vehicles

Two weeks ago, 500 participants attended Google and drove around in various electric vehicles within a three-hour period so that they could decide whether or not they wanted electric vehicles.
With the assistance of Plug-In America, Google was able to get 11 automotive manufacturers to… Arcimoto, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Electric Vehicles, Ford, Google Encourages, Honda, implement a similar project, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Smart, tesla, Toyota, various electric vehicles, Zero Motorcycles

Study Explores Environmental and Health Impacts of Lithium Batteries for Electric Vehicles the overall performance of the batteries.

In a new study, researchers are assessing the life cycle of batteries in order to find ways to reduce global warming emissions and address nanotechnology innovations that could improve the overall performance of the batteries.
Lithium (Li-ion) batteries used to power plug-in hybrid and electric… batteries for electric vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Environmental and Health Batteries, EV Lithium Batteries

Tesla’s Model S set to bring electric vehicles into the mainstream Tesla, a US state-supported electric car manufacturer,

Tesla, a US state-supported electric car manufacturer, published dazzling first-quarter financial results for 2013, suggesting the era of the plug-in car may have arrived in earnest.
With almost 5,000 delivered worldwide, the Silicon Valley company’s Tesla Model S luxury electric sedan… a US state-supported electric car manufacturer, Electric Vehicles, EV Tesla, General Motors Toyota joint venture, tesla

Worldwide Capacity of Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles Will Multiply More than 10-Fold by 2020 Improvements in lithium ion (Li-ion) battery technology

Improvements in lithium ion (Li-ion) battery technology are helping to accelerate the worldwide market for electric vehicles (EVs). In the last few years, automakers have shifted from nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries to Li-ion batteries.
This shift represents a major endorsement of… (NiMH) batteries, battery electric vehicles (BEVs), Electric Vehicles, EV lithium ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride, worldwide market for electric vehicles

Wireless Charging Market Technologies (Inductive Coupling, Magnetic Resonance, Radio Frequency), Applications (Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Electric Vehicles, Medical and Military)

Wireless Charging Market (2013-2018): Global Market Forecast by, Technologies (Inductive Coupling, Magnetic Resonance, Radio Frequency), Applications (Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Electric Vehicles, Medical and Military) and Geography (North America
Wireless charging is gaining momentum in… applications, Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Geography, Global Market Forecast, Inductive Coupling, industrial, Magnetic Resonance, Medical and Military, North America, Radio Frequency, Technologies, Wireless Charging Market

Solar, Wind, & Geothermal Help Hawaii Reach Renewable Goals Ahead Of Schedule

America’s most fossil fuel dependent state has made great strides since laying out a statewide sustainability plan known as Hawaii 2050. The state acknowledged its challenges: 90% of food imported, greater than 90% of energy derived from burning imported oil in large scale generators, and a… & Geothermal, Electric Vehicles, Hawaii Reach Renewable Goals, Schedule, solar, Solar PV, Wind

TWIZY RENAULT SPORT F1 CONCEPT CAR Renault Twizy EV Inspired By Formula 1 Debuts

What do electric cars and Formula 1 racing have in common? Not much, unless you are talking about the ridiculous Renault Twizy F1 Concept, a collaboration between RenaultSports’s production car and Formula 1 teams. This concept uses Formula 1 technology in a road-going package that could hint… Electric Vehicles, Formula 1, Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), Products, Sports, Sustainable Development, Twizy

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