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US to assist Pakistan for more power projects: Kerry execute more power projects and overcome energy crisis

ISLAMABAD, The US Secretary of State John Kerry Thursday said that the US will extend every possible assistance to Pakistan to help it execute more power projects and overcome energy crisis. He made these remarks during his visit to Islamabad Electric Supply Company’s Grid station here where he w… electricity generation, Grid station, Islamabad Electric Supply Company’s, Pakistan’s electricity distribution system.

400 megawatts electricity generation: Oil and Gas Development Company Ltd (OGDCL) holds meeting on Uch-II development project

The Oil and Gas Development Company Ltd (OGDCL) held a kick-off meeting on Uch-II Development Project with contractors at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club the other day, said the spokesman of Zealcon, a leading construction firm of the project. The meeting was informed that the Uch-II… Country Club, Development Project carries, electricity generation, OGDCL, Oil and Gas Development Company Ltd, Royal Palm Golf

South Korea Wind Energy Sector the potential driver of renewable energy development in the country.

Wind Power in South Korea is being seen as the potential driver of renewable energy development in the country. Electricity generation through wind power has already progressed to significant levels and most of this has been developed onshore. The present onshore capacity installed in South… electricity generation, f renewable energy development, South Korea Wind Energy Sector, Wind Power in South Korea

EU: 100 Percent Renewable Energy Is Here updated International Energy Statistics of Electricity Generation from the Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Two questions for you: how many countries in the world source their electricity 100% from renewable sources? And which major European nation that is well-endowed with renewable energy resources, is the worst at exploiting them?

The answers can be gleaned from the recently… Electricity, electricity generation, Energy and Economy, Energy Information Administration (EIA), enewable energy resources, eu, International Energy Statistics, renewable energy, renewable sources, Solar Power, US Department of Energy, Wind

First Commercial Offshore Wind Lease Coming Soon Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)

In federal waters in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, there is a 164,750 acre area with a potential power generation capacity of 3.5 GW. It is to be auctioned in two parts in July.
The areas will be leased as the North Lease Area, and the South Lease Area by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management… (BOEM), Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, electricity generation, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Electricity generation: private-sector independent power producers (IPPs) carry the base-load for power production

In the litany of bad numbers about power generation in Pakistan, there is one statistic that sticks out more than the rest: state-owned power companies account for 51% of installed capacity but only around 46% of actual production. That difference may sound minor, but in that… base-load for power production, Cheaper fuel choices result, cheaper tariffs, electricity generation, IPPs, load-shedding, namely furnace oil, power crises, private-sector independent power producers, thermal power plants

Electricity generation through hydel sources stressed Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI).

Generation of electricity through hydel source is the best option to produce cheaper electricity and construction of large dams including Kalabagh Dam (KBD) is inevitable, said Chaudhry Muhammad Boota, Acting President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI). He urged the incoming… coal reserves, construction of large dams, electricity generation, Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, FCCI, hydel sources, produce cheaper electricity

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