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Get Ready for a Revival in Solar Tech Investments Manufacturers Resume Spending to Improve Efficiency

The Skies are Brightening as Manufacturers Resume Spending to Improve Efficiency
Slumping solar PV equipment spending has finally bottomed out, and we’re about to witness a “revival” in investments that will finally close the yawning gap between oversupply and demand,… Emerging Markets, Improve Efficiency, Investments Manufacturers, new plants and production, Resume Spending, Solar Tech

Mideast Gasoline Imports Shrinking on Refinery Boom reducing dependence on shipments from India and Singapore and sapping margins for European and Asian processors.

The largest-ever expansion of Middle Eastern oil-refining is poised to curb the region’s imports of gasoline, reducing dependence on shipments from India and Singapore and sapping margins for European and Asian processors.
Saudi Arabia, the region’s biggest gasoline importer, will add… Emerging Markets, Energy Markets · Energy Industry, Europe France, Middle East Commodities, Sustainability Energy

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