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Renewable Energy in Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC] comes from renewables wind energy and solar energy

About 17% of our worldwide energy consumption comes from renewables. And that share has not increased in recent years.
However, in coming years, wind energy and solar energy will probably bring that share of renewables up. Though the possibilities vary a lot by country. For instance, Iceland is… Biofuels, Energy, Energy Collective Exclusive, Geothermal Energy, Hydro Power, INFOGRAPHIC, renewable energy supply, Renewables, renewables energy supply, Solar Power, Sustainability, Wind, wind energy and solar energy, worldwide energy

A Crisis of Leadership? Rebuilding Trust in the Energy Industry [VIDEO]

Energy is a multi-trillion dollar sector and energy products form some of the most basic inputs into our modern industrial society. What’s more, the energy industry sits at the intersection of government policy and complex markets. It’s understandable then that everyone, from consumers to… Biofuels, Coal, Communications and Messaging, Energy, Energy Collective Exclusive, Energy Industry, fuels, natural gas, Nuclear Power, Oil, Politics & Legislation, public trust, Renewables, Solar Power, Trust Factor, Wind

Webinar Replay: Gone With The Wind? Understanding Grid Resiliency electrical grid and expose communities to crippling economic and social impacts

Derechos, superstorms, human error and deliberate cyber attacks can disable vast swaths of our electrical grid and expose communities to crippling economic and social impacts. We have a number of technologies and business models that can help address grid weaknesses, but are our federal and… Electricity, Electricity Grid, Energy Collective Exclusive, grid resiliency, Politics & Legislation, Smart Grid, Understanding Grid Resiliency

Can Household Solar Energy be a Primary Source of Low-Emission Power?

Guest Post by Graham Palmer. Graham is an industrial engineer and energy commenter from Melbourne. For another BNC post featuring his work, see Does energy efficiency reduce emissions and peak demand?

Click the above image to download the PDF (full version is free – Open Access)

Energy Facts: How Much Water Does Fracking for Shale Gas Consume? historic transition from coal to gas-fired power generation

I’ve been writing a lot recently about the historic transition from coal to gas-fired power generation ongoing in the United States (see here, here, and here). Water is almost always front and center in these stories (see here and here), as the large amounts of water consumed in…

the concept of ‘new energy sources’, Unlocking Technological Energy Innovation

When The Energy Collective asked me to write a series of posts about ‘new energy sources’, the term gave me pause. The more I thought about the concept of ‘new energy sources’, the more complex it became. What exactly is a new energy source, and what in particularly makes an new energy…

Friday Energy Facts: U.S. Coal Consumption Is Down But Are Exports Eroding Climate Benefits?

Time again for Friday Energy Facts…
U.S. coal consumption has fallen by 237 million short tons from 2005 to 2012, a drop of more than 21 percent. The decline in coal consumption was driven almost entirely by trends in the electric power sector, where low-cost natural gas, and to a…

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