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EU: 100 Percent Renewable Energy Is Here updated International Energy Statistics of Electricity Generation from the Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Two questions for you: how many countries in the world source their electricity 100% from renewable sources? And which major European nation that is well-endowed with renewable energy resources, is the worst at exploiting them?

The answers can be gleaned from the recently… Electricity, electricity generation, Energy and Economy, Energy Information Administration (EIA), enewable energy resources, eu, International Energy Statistics, renewable energy, renewable sources, Solar Power, US Department of Energy, Wind

US lawmakers push for reporting of refinery outage plans to the federal government,

Two US lawmakers floated legislation on Friday that would require US refiners to report planned outages to the federal government, a move prompted by recent gasoline price spikes in the Midwest blamed on refinery maintenance. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, both Democrats from Minnesota,… Energy Information Administration (EIA), federal government, push for reporting, refinery outage plans, US lawmakers

Rising U.S. Oil Supply and the Impact on Global Markets Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Increasing U.S. domestic production of oil matters. Energy Information Administration (EIA) chief Adam Sieminski had this analysis at an energy conference earlier this week (h/t Breaking Energy):
“There’s a fairly significant, long-standing relationship between spare production capacity in… Breaking Energy reports, Brent crude, domestic oil and gas, Energy and Economy, Energy Information Administration (EIA), Finance, Global Markets, Oil, Oil prices, Rising U.S. Oil Supply

Domestic Oil Production Growth and Lower Net Imports U.S. has become more self-reliant in meeting its energy needs domestically

Imports of crude oil have decreased significantly over the past four years as the U.S. has become more self-reliant in meeting its energy needs domestically. In fact, as the graph below shows, from the beginning of 2008 through the end of 2012 net U.S. oil imports have declined by more than… Domestic Oil Production, domestic production, Energy and Economy, Energy Information Administration (EIA), Energy Security, Finance, imported oil, Oil

Brent oil rises US stock market American Petroleum Institute (API) and the US Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Brent crude futures rose for a third straight session to top $100 a barrel on Monday, lifted by gains in the US stock market. Trading was choppy, with oil prices closely tracking the US equity market, which moved into positive territory in the afternoon on the back of a one percent gain in… American Petroleum Institute (API), CFTC, Energy Information Administration (EIA), US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, US Energy Department’s, US stock market

Climate Change and the Peak Oil Flip-Flop Peak Oil Question Remains, Debate Continues

There’s a new twist in the “peak oil” debate. Is it good news for the climate?
Peak Oil Question Remains, Debate Continues
Ever since M. King Hubbert advanced the theory of peak oil in 1956, experts and non-experts alike have been debating about timing and relevance…. Climate, climate change, Energy and Economy, Energy Information Administration (EIA), Finance, financial crisis, hydrocarbons, Oil, Oil Prices Rise, Oil Production Responds, peak oil, Sustainability, U.S.

New Data Reveals U.S. Coal Use Rising Again (U.S. EIA) reveals a troubling trend: Coal-fired power generation

By Kristin Meek, via World Resources Institute
New data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reveals a troubling trend: Coal-fired power generation — and its associated greenhouse gas emissions — were on the rise as 2012 came to an end.
According to the data, which…

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