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Siemens to cut 1,700 jobs in energy operations the Energy Information Administration report

Siemens is expected to cut around 1,700 jobs in the restructuring of its energy business, a German magazine reported on Saturday, citing an unnamed senior manager. WirtschaftsWoche said the unit’s main production facilities in Erlangen and Offenbach and a plant in Muelheim an der Ruhr… Energy Information Administration, jobs in energy operations, Siemens jobs in energy

World spare oil capacity slips, production up: EIA Energy Information Administration report

Global spare oil production capacity slipped in May and June from the previous two months, but was above levels during the same period last year, the US government said on Thursday. The spare capacity slipped to 2.4 million barrels per day in May and June, down about 0.4 million bpd from the… EIA report, Energy Information Administration, oil capacity slips

U.S. Lowers Forecast for Summer 2013 Gasoline Prices Energy Information Administration lowered its forecast for summer 2013 gasoline prices

he Energy Information Administration lowered its forecast for summer 2013 gasoline prices.
U.S. consumers will pay an average 16 cents a gallon less for gasoline this summer than a year ago, the statistical arm of the Energy Department said today in its monthly Short-Term Energy Outlook. The… Energy Information Administration, Gasoline, Gasoline Prices, U.S. Lowers Forecast

Ethanol’s Discount to Gasoline Widens as Production Rates Climb Energy Information Administration data showing ethanol production

Ethanol’s discount to gasoline widened after a government report showed production of the biofuel climbed to the highest level in 10 months.
The price difference, or spread, expanded 0.13 cent to 26.16 cents a gallon on Energy Information Administration data showing ethanol production last… Denatured ethanol, Energy Information Administration, Renewable Identification Numbers

Crude Falls as U.S. Supplies Climb to 82-Year High economic slowdown in the U.S. and China Energy Information Administration

West Texas Intermediate crude tumbled as U.S. oil inventories reached an 82-year high amid signs of economic slowdown in the U.S. and China.
Futures fell the most in two weeks after the Energy Information Administration said stockpiles jumped to 395.3 million barrels in the week ended April 26,… Australia & New Zealand, Commodities, Eastern Europe, Energy Industry, Energy Information Administration, India & Pakistan, Italy, U.S., U.S. and China, · Energy Markets

Brent crude falls for sixth day US government’s Energy Information Administration

Oil prices tumbled for a sixth straight session on Wednesday, with Brent crude falling below $98 per barrel for the first time since July as rising US fuel supplies added to overall concern about global oil demand. A report from the US government’s Energy Information Administration showed… Energy Information, Energy Information Administration, global oil, US government’s

Brent crude oil falls to five-month low near $105 a barrel jump in US jobless claims sparked a second day

Brent crude prices fell to a five-month low near $105 a barrel on Thursday as a jump in US jobless claims sparked a second day of heavy selling across oil markets. Brent, US crude and US gasoline futures have all lost near 5 percent over the last two trading sessions, with traders citing ample…

Ontario Shuts Down Coal-Fired Power EIA projected that the fuel mix for producing electricity in the U.S.

As recently as 2007, the Energy Information Administration projected that the fuel mix for producing electricity in the U.S. would persist largely unchanged through 2035. According to that estimate, a little more than half of the country’s electricity would come from coal, about 20 percent…

Who Will Jump on the Fracking Bandwagon Next? U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates

What’s the hottest trend in energy that’s causing some countries to jump on the bandwagon?  Fracking.  The process of shooting a water-sand-chemical mix into shale formations in order to release natural gas or oil is quickly spreading across the globe.  Despite its controversial…

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