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Leveraging the Natural Gas Boom to Cut Carbon opportunities beyond electricity generation

While global greenhouse gas emissions continue to soar, U.S. emissions are back down to where they were in the mid-1990s. This decline is partly due to the economic downturn, but a key contributor has been electricity generators’ shift from coal to natural gas.
Natural gas generated 30… Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon emissions, Climate and Energy Solutions, Efficiency, electricity generators, Energy, Energy Policy, global greenhouse gas, natural gas, Utilities

National renewable Energy Policy Would Benefit the Insurance Policy Industry by new Smart Grid regulatory policy, technology, and financial drivers

The utility industry gets much attention about sector-wide disruptions triggered by new Smart Grid regulatory policy, technology, and financial drivers on the path to grid modernization.  But the insurance sector is also facing real challenges on two fronts – dealing with the downsides of… Climate, climate change, distributed energy resources (DER), Energy and Economy, Energy Policy, Energy Storage, Environment, extreme weather, Finance, National Energy Policy, Politics & Legislation, renewable Energy Insurance Policy, Renewable Energy Insurance Training Kit, renewable generation, Renewables, Smart Grid

Did the UK Sign Up to 20 Percent Renewable Energy By Mistake? EU getting 20% of its energy from renewables by 2020

One of my pet peeves is the continued inability of many people to distinguish between energy and electricity. Headlines of “100% renewable energy by 2030? abound when they should say “100% renewable electricity.” This is not a trivial mistake, after all the majority of energy use is not… (UK) United Kingdom, Carbon and De-carbonization, Electricity, Energy Policy, Environment, Finance, Politics & Legislation, Renewables

Clean Energy Deployment: Time to Reinforce Success deployment of new energy technologies,

An s-curve model for deployment of new energy technologies, which based its parameters on analysis of past rates of technology deployment, was published nearly four years ago [i].  It showed that new technologies typically start with a period of exponential growth, increasing by about an order… Clean Energy Deployment, Cleantech, Climate, deployment of new energy technologies, Efficiency, Energy and Economy, energy investment, Energy Policy, Finance, Nuclear Power, Politics & Legislation, Reinforce Success, Solar Power, technology deployment, Wind

Oil Pipelines to Drive Canada Economy Like 1880s Railroad Enbridge Inc. (ENB) Chief Executive Officer Al Monaco

Oil pipelines, under attack from environmentalists, are essential to Canada’s economic growth just as railroads were in the 1880s, Enbridge Inc. (ENB) Chief Executive Officer Al Monaco said.
“Pipelines are very similar to railroads,” Monaco said yesterday at the Bloomberg Canada… Bloomberg Canada Economic, Canada Commodities, Drive Canada Economy, Enbridge Trans Canada Corp TRP, Energy Industry Sustainability, Energy Policy, Oil Pipelines

British Columbia Vote Risks Oil-Sands Exports Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNQ)

British Columbia’s provincial election threatens to stymie efforts by Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNQ) and other Alberta oil-sands companies to sell crude to Pacific markets.
Adrian Dix, 49, whose New Democratic Party is leading in polls ahead of tomorrow’s vote, opposes plans to… Canada Energy Markets, Energy Industry, Energy Policy, Sustainability

European energy chief puts forward case for funding coal European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD),

EBRD chief Riccardo Puliti warns Europe not to be hasty in adopting ‘ideological’ policy on carbon intensity funding
The EBRD which is based in London and owned by more than 60 countries, including the UK, is reviewing its energy policy.

One of Europe’s most influential… EBRD, Energy Policy, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, finance new coal operations, high-carbon coal projects, International Energy Agency, Kosovo and Serbia

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