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Pointed questions on table of next World Energy Congress 2013 significant program topics discussed by leading figures in the energy sector

The 2013 World Energy Congress Organizing Committee has announced some of the significant program topics that will be discussed by leading figures in the energy sector at its upcoming gathering, which will be held in Daegu, South Korea, 13-17 October 2013.
Under the theme of ‘Securing… energy sector, Pointed questions, significant program, World Energy Congress 2013

Indian parliamentary panel urges scrapping of coal mine allocations

An Indian parliamentary panel on Tuesday urged the scrapping of “illegal” allocations of coal mines between 1993 to 2010 to private firms, creating fresh uncertainty in the key energy sector. The panel’s report added fuel to an ongoing row, dubbed “Coalgate” by the… Coal and Steel, creating fresh uncertainty, energy sector, private firms, Standing Committee

Germany stresses collaboration in joint ventures in many sectors, especiall energy sector

Germany has suggested to Pakistan that the corporate sectors of the two countries can enter into joint ventures in many sectors, especially energy, where they should search for new opportunities.

Speaking at the SITE Association of Industry, German Consul General in Karachi Dr Tilo… business energy, energy sector, German Consul General, Germany, joint ventures, new opportunities, Pakistani companies

Nuclear – how big is it? nuclear has never been a big part of our energy supply

Proponents of nuclear often argue that we cannot do without the technology if we are going to lower our carbon emissions from the energy sector. As a new study by French energy expert Bernard Chabot shows, nuclear has never been a big part of our energy supply.
Recently, the European Commission…

Google Embraces Renewables for Energy Efficiency Controlling over 65% of the search engine sector,

Anyone who has looked at a computer screen in the last 10 years or so is well aware of the search engine behemoth that is Google.  Controlling over 65% of the search engine sector, even their mission statement acknowledges their impact, stating they desire “to organize the world’s…

Making the tough calls: Outgoing govt leaves tariff increase to interim setup political considerations stalled energy sector

As political considerations stalled energy sector reforms in the just completed government’s tenure, the Ministry of Finance is pinning its hopes on the upcoming interim setup, expecting it to increase power tariffs by at least 12% to avoid a complete system breakdown in peak…

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