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Primus Power Wins Energy Storage Project With Bonneville Power and PSE Flow batteries in action.

It’s still early days in large-scale energy storage but the small projects of today are yielding real-world experience with new technology and grid integration.
Primus Power, a VC-funded flow battery startup, chalks up a small win with an R&D contract to deploy its large-scale energy… caes, deeya energy, ed cazalet, Energy Storage, enstorage, flow batteries, fuel cells, ionex, new technology and grid integration., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, php, primus power, regenerative fuel cells, rubenius, Smart Grid, utility scale energy storage, zbb

Unzpip A Carbon Nanotube, Find A Graphene Ribbon, Create A “Flexible: Li-Ion Battery few years ago researchers at Rice University

In what sounds like a solution in search of a problem, a few years ago researchers at Rice University figured out a way to create graphene ribbons by “unzipping” carbon nanotubes. Well, now it looks like a problem has been found, and it’s a big one with huge implications for the solar and… advanced energy storage, Carbon Nanotube, Energy Storage, graphene nanoribbons, How To Make A Graphene Nanoribbon, researchers at Rice University, sulfur-lithium technology

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) may boost ROI for electric vehicles innovative new approach to energy storage

Though still in its infancy to a degree,V2G technology is being tested widely in both the private and public sectors. For example, the University of Delaware and NRG Energy began work in September 2011 to commercialize V2G technology, and in February last year its V2G system became what’s… Electric Vehicles, Electric-drive vehicles, energy source and power electronics, Energy Storage, innovative new approach, Vehicle-to-grid (V2G), What is V2G

National renewable Energy Policy Would Benefit the Insurance Policy Industry by new Smart Grid regulatory policy, technology, and financial drivers

The utility industry gets much attention about sector-wide disruptions triggered by new Smart Grid regulatory policy, technology, and financial drivers on the path to grid modernization.  But the insurance sector is also facing real challenges on two fronts – dealing with the downsides of… Climate, climate change, distributed energy resources (DER), Energy and Economy, Energy Policy, Energy Storage, Environment, extreme weather, Finance, National Energy Policy, Politics & Legislation, renewable Energy Insurance Policy, Renewable Energy Insurance Training Kit, renewable generation, Renewables, Smart Grid

Power grid getting smarter with big battery in Salem Will Provide Storage For Intermittent Renewable Energy Sources

Power grid getting smarter with big battery in Salem
5 MW Lithium-Ion Energy Storage System Unveiled In Oregon — Will Provide Storage For Intermittent Renewable Energy Sources
Energy storage tested for Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project
SALEM, Ore. – Research conducted with… big Energy battery, Energy Reliability, Energy Storage, Portland General Electric’s, power grid, renewable energy sources, smart grid project, variable renewable energy

U.S. SENATORS INTRODUCE BILL FOR ENERGY-STORAGE TAX INCENTIVES offering tax incentives to homeowners and companies

Four U.S. Senators proposed legislation offering tax incentives to homeowners and companies that install energy-storage systems in an effort to boost investment in renewable power.
The bill would provide a 30 percent tax credit, capped at $1 million per project, to homeowners and businesses that… Energy Storage, homeowners and companies, offering tax incentives t, tax incentives, U.S. SENATORS INTRODUCE BILL

Norwegian Scientists Unveil Plans for First Underwater pumped hydroelectric Storage Power Plant energy electricity production

A team of Norwegian research scientists has unveiled a concept that could see electricity stored on the seabed. Conceived by Subhydro AS, the underwater pumped hydroelectric power plant would use high water pressure to create energy that can then be stored for later use on shore.

Explaining… Energy, energy generation, Energy Storage, First Underwater pumped hydroelectric, Norwegian Scientists Unveil Plans, SINTEF, Storage Power Plant, subhydro, Subhydro AS, tidal power, Underwater energy electricity production, Underwater Storage Power Plant, water pressure, water pressure to create energy, Wave Power

Washington: Fort Bliss unveils Army’s first microgrid save resources, provide energy security,

The United States Army, The Government of USA has issued the following news release:
Fort Bliss has unveiled the Army’s first microgrid that will save resources, provide energy security, and be a model for other microgrids throughout the base.
The system integrates renewable energy, local… Army’s first microgrid, energy independence, Energy Storage, load management, local power, military energy, provide energy security, save resources, system integrates renewable energy, United States Army, Washington

Moniz Unanimously Confirmed As New DOE Chief Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

ew Hampshire, USA – Ernie Moniz has been unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the next Secretary of Energy, in a 97-0 vote (with three nonvoters). He succeeds Stephen Chu who held the position for four years.

Moniz’s nomination to head up the Department of Energy had… Bioenergy, energy efficiency, Energy Storage, Geothermal Energy, Hydrogen – Fuel Cells, Ocean Energy, Other, solar energy, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Solar Tech, wind power

Fighting Blackouts: Japan Residential PV and Energy Storage Market Flourishing . The battery stores the energy produced by the PV system

TOKYO – In the past, a PV system with battery storage was associated with the off-grid system — not connected to the utility grid. The battery stores the energy produced by the PV system and when the sun goes down, electricity is drawn from the battery. In Japan, the battery became… battery stores energy produced, Energy Storage, Fighting Blackouts, Japan Residential PV and Energy Storage, solar energy

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