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the Breakthrough Institute (BTI) – Why The Hot Air?

I’ve recently stumbled upon a number of articles by the Breakthrough Institute (BTI) that aimed at discrediting renewable energy on the one hand and on the other preaching about nuclear energy as the solution for the global energy crisis of the 21st century. With their hearts and minds… Breakthrough Institute (BTI), Energiewende, energy transition, environmentalists

Energy transition in the Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands) Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT)

In this guest article, Rick Bosman, researcher at the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands) points out that the Dutch have the most ambitious energy targets in the EU along with the Danish. But while the number – 100 percent – is… DRIFT, Dutch energy supply, Dutch Research Institute for Transitions, energy transition, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

“The real heroes of the energy transition” Renewables International talked Energy Democracy TV

“The real heroes of the energy transition”

Today, a new crowdfunding campaign has been launched for the world´s first magazine app focusing on “energy democracy.” Renewables International talked with the campaign’s director about the goals.

Kirsten Hasberg… energy democracy, Energy Democracy TV, energy transition, first magazine, Renewables International, renewables organization

Learning From The German Transition To Renewable Energy replace fossil fuels with renewables faster than most countries

Germany is moving forward to replace fossil fuels with renewables faster than most countries. But there is always pushback, most recently in the form of much media discourse about rising electricity prices spearheaded by the Federal Minister of Environment Peter Altmaier. Like many politicians,…

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