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“All of the Above” Energy Policy Must Be Weighted by Common Sense energy summit in Washington, DC entitled, “Fueling America’s Future”


“All of the Above” is just a cliché if not tempered by an appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of different energy sources, and a standard basis of comparison.
Renewable energy is gaining market share, but fossil fuels–especially oil and gas–will play… Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS), climate conference, Energy and Economy, Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Energy Policy, Energy Trends Insider, Environment, fuels, National Mining Association, Nuclear Energy Institute, panel on energy issues, Politics & Legislation

Evolving Support for an Innovation Carbon Tax New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is nothing but consistent

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is nothing but consistent: he wants a carbon tax and he wants it bad. Since 2005, he’s mentioned “carbon tax” 41 times in his column. Yet, while his support for a carbon tax hasn’t waned, the characteristics of his preferred carbon tax policy… Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon tax, clean energy innovation, cleantech investment, Energy and Economy, Energy Trends Insider, Environment, Finance, Green Business, Innovation Carbon Price, Politics & Legislation

Adding Energy Innovation to Climate Policy Elevator Pitch continuing debates among climate and energy analysts and advocates

nnovation vs. Deployment
One of the continuing debates among climate and energy analysts and advocates is whether public policy should emphasize innovation or deployment. A hardy round of wonky discussion brought to light the nuances of each point of view, but it still leaves one lingering…

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