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Why Makes investments in Solar Energy , A Solar Energy is Good Investment?

What Makes Solar Energy a Good Investment?
This article is part of a Mosaic series on investments that create positive social, environmental, and financial returns. Read more about what makes a truly good investment.
Five years after the Great Recession, most Americans have yet to regain… commercial scale solar energy, create positive social, environmental, financial returns, make solar energy loans, olar energy investments, solar energy, Solar Energy Good Investment, Why Makes Solar Energy

California Shared Renewable Energy Bills Gain Momentum both Senator Alex Padilla and several utilities

Momentum is building for shared renewable energy in California. Late last week the two bills we’ve been following there, SB 43 and AB 1014, passed with strong margins in their chambers of origin — marking the first time this legislation has moved beyond committee to pass in either… California, customers, Electricity Grid, Energy and Economy, Environment, environmental, especially renters, Hydropower, News, Politics & Legislation, Renewables, renewables energy supply, shared renewables, Utilities, worldwide renewables energy

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