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Busting Big Oil Myths, Part IV: Gas Prices oil industry continues to spread misinformation about ethanol and other renewable fuels.

In its ongoing quest for repeal of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the oil industry continues to spread misinformation about ethanol and other renewable fuels. In previous posts (here, here, andhere), I addressed three popular myths employed by Big Oil and its PR firms to confuse and cloud… Agriculture, Biofuels, Energy, Energy and Economy, Energy Security, Ethanol, fuels, gas prices, oil companies, Politics & Legislation, Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), renewable fuels, RFS and biofuels

Replacing Leaded Aviation Gasoline with Renewable Ethanol Federal ‘renewable fuels standard’ program

Under the Clean Air Act (CAA) the EPA is responsible to protect the Public from toxic pollutants including lead in motor vehicle exhausts.  The EPA is also responsible for the Federal ‘renewable fuels standard’  program and setting annual Transportation ethanol blending-consumption… Agriculture, aviation fuel, aviation gasoline, Clean Air Act (CAA), Energy and Economy, Environment, Environmental Policy, Ethanol, internal combustion engine’ (ICE), light duty vehicle LDV, Oil, Public Health, technology innovations is energy news and research technology and is an online, global energy news service operated by Alternative and renewable energy society.  and provides a central place through which news papers,… alternative and renewable energy, Biodiesel, Biofuel News, Biofuels, Economy, electric cars, Environment, Environment News, Ethanol, Events, fuel cells, Future Energy, Geothermal Energy, Human Power, hybrid cars, Hydro Power, hydrogen fuel, Hydrogen News, Industry, international market related to Batteries, Inventions, medicine and technology, News, Pedal Power, photovoltaics, Politics, Public Transit, research in energy, Solar Power, Solar Power News, Solar PV, sources management, tidal power, Transportation, Transportation News, Waste Energy, Wave Power, wind farms, wind power, Wind Power News, Wind Turbines science

Ex-Shell Chief Hofmeister Promotes US Fuel Diversity the market for ethanol, our most successful alternative fuel,

Alternative fuels have lost some of their luster in the US, lately, for understandable reasons.  Oil production here is boomingbased on shale resources that keep expanding, while the market for ethanol, our most successful alternative fuel, has stalled at the long-anticipated “blend… Affordable Energy, Agriculture, Alternative Fuel, Biofuels, Energy and Economy, energy diversity, Energy Policy, Ethanol, Finance, fuels, market for ethanol, natural gas, Oil, Sustainability, US Fuel Diversity

Solar Power, Energy Storage, EV, Bicycles, Ethanol, Hybrids,Train, Fossil Fuel News Roundup

Here are some top cleantech (and fossil fuel) stories from around the Interwebs. Enjoy.
Solar Power

Construction Starts On Solar-Powered Stadium In France

Masdar Launches Africa’s Largest Solar PV Power Plant

World’s Largest Solar Power Plant May Use First Solar &/Or Yingli Solar… Bicycles, Energy Storage, Ethanol, ev, Fossil Fuel, Hybrids, News Roundup, Solar Power, Train

Congress & Ethanol: Biofuels Love Gone Wrong? The ethanol mandate in gasoline is starting to sting.

The ethanol mandate in gasoline is starting to sting.
Trouble Brewing
In a news article published in Science magazine last week, journalist Robert Service writes: “This year is shaping up to be decisive for ‘cellulosic’ ethanol made from corn stalks and other agricultural waste, as…

More Voices in the Renewable Fuel Standard Debate biofuels ethanol debate has moved over to National Journal’s Energy Experts Blog

The biofuels ethanol debate has moved over to National Journal’s Energy Experts Blog, with this week’s posts addressing whether the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) that mandates biofuel use should be left alone, amended or repealed. Some of what others are saying:
Bernard Weinstein –…

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