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National renewable Energy Policy Would Benefit the Insurance Policy Industry by new Smart Grid regulatory policy, technology, and financial drivers

The utility industry gets much attention about sector-wide disruptions triggered by new Smart Grid regulatory policy, technology, and financial drivers on the path to grid modernization.  But the insurance sector is also facing real challenges on two fronts – dealing with the downsides of… Climate, climate change, distributed energy resources (DER), Energy and Economy, Energy Policy, Energy Storage, Environment, extreme weather, Finance, National Energy Policy, Politics & Legislation, renewable Energy Insurance Policy, Renewable Energy Insurance Training Kit, renewable generation, Renewables, Smart Grid

Syria’s climate warning to the world Dust-Bowlification and extreme weather and food insecurity

The worst direct impacts to humans from our unsustainable use of energy — over the next few decades — will, I think, be Dust-Bowlification and extreme weather and food insecurity: Hell and High Water.
But all of the impacts occurring at once will have an even more devastating synergy… devastating synergy, extreme weather, ood insecurity, Science of Global Warming Impacts, world Dust-Bowlification

SOLAR 2013 Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland Panel to Address Political Attacks on Solar in State Legislatures Across the US

SOLAR 2013 opens April 16-20, 2013, at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The American Solar Energy Society(ASES) presents America’s longest-running solar conference series, now in its 42nd year. SOLAR 2013 will examine how mainstream…

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: National Security Implications

The Department of the Navy states, “Seafarers have always respected the power of wind and water. This is especially the case during storms at sea, where ships run the risk of damage or sinking from strong winds and high seas. Large and powerful storms, referred to as “closed cyclonic…

Weather Extremes: Atmospheric Waves And Climate Change .S. in 2011 and Russia in 2010, coinciding unprecedented Pakistan flood

By Vladimir Petoukhov and Stefan Rahmstorf,via The Conversation
The northern hemisphere has experienced a spate of extreme weather in recent times. In 2012 there were destructive heat waves in the U.S. and southern Europe, accompanied by floods in China. This followed a heat wave in the U.S….

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