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What’s in Obama’s plan to combat global warming? carbon pollution from new and existing power plants.

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama’s wide-ranging plan to combat global warming would for the first time put limits on carbon pollution from new and existing power plants.
Obama on Tuesday announced plans to reduce domestic carbon dioxide emissions by 17 per cent between 2005 and 2020 and… Global Warming

Time to act quickly on carbon budget, says Climate Commission

Scientific consensus on anthropogenic global warming is stronger than ever; greenhouse gases have reached the highest level in over one million years and continue to climb at the fastest rate on recent record; and the world is rapidly squandering its dwindling carbon budget – the allowable… carbon budget, Climate Change Science, Climate Commission, CO2 scientists, Global Warming, world’s biggest emitters

Buffett & co choose wind energy investment over nuclear big announcements show wind and energy efficiency are financeable and attractive,

Investors working with utilities are making clear and clean choices for meeting our energy needs.  Two big announcements show wind and energy efficiency are financeable and attractive, and new small nuclear reactors are not.  Recently MidAmerican Energy chose to add more wind energy to… Austin Energy, Bullitt Center, commercial energy efficiency developer, company’s financial health, efficiency PPA, Energy, energy alternatives, EnergyRM, enery efficiency, feed-in tariff, Fossil Fuels, Global Warming, Living Building Challenge, Metered Energy Efficiency, MidAmerican Energy, Nuclear Power, nuclear safety, renewable electricity standards., Seattle City Light, Small Modular Reactors, small nuclear reactor, SONGS, value of solar, warren buffett, Wind, wind energy investment, windpower

IEA stop-gap measures not enough to tackle climate change report released today (10 June) by the International Energy Agency (IEA),

Commenting on a report released today (10 June) by the International Energy Agency (IEA), Redrawing the energy-climate map, WWF said that, although the short-term measures proposed by the IEA to keep climate change within ‘safe’ levels were welcome, countries need to move further… energy efficiency standards, Global Warming, International Energy Agency (IEA), WWF Global Climate & Energy Initiative

Global warming: Pakistan may face a big drop in crop yields International Seminar on Climate Change organised by (UAF)

Speakers at the ‘International Seminar on Climate Change’ expressed concern about the state of climate change in Pakistan, saying that unless it takes adaptive and mitigating measures, the country could face yield reduction in major crops from 7% to 45% in the next four… (UAF), Agro Climatology Lab, big drop in crop yields, climate change in Pakistan, Global Warming, Global warming Pakistan face, international seminar, International Seminar on Climate Change, University of Agriculture Faisalabad

National Survey: Nearly 90% Of Americans Say Government Should Act On Global Warming, Push Ahead On Clean Energy

Climate change continues to be a touchstone issue in US politics, one that casts a harsh, sharp light not only on a bitterly divided, “dysfunctional” US Congress, but on the state of the United States’ system of representative democracy, and even more broadly, on the interface between… clean energy, Global Warming, National Survey, Survey Climate change

Car Hater To EV Lover (What Made Me Into An Electric Car Lover?) xperience studying

Here’s a short version of how I changed from being ‘ugh’ about cars to ‘meh’ about electric cars to a super EV enthusiast. Check her out:
I’m not going to lie — I’ve got issues with cars. My master’s degree is in city and regional planning. From my experience studying that… Electric Car Lover, electric cars, gasmobiles, Global Warming, nissan leaf, renewable electricity, Tesla Model

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