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New Thermostat for Auto Demand Response conversation about next-generation residential energy management offerings


conversation about next-generation residential energy management offerings
Despite having technology in 150 million homes, Honeywell (NYSE: HON) is often left out of the conversation about next-generation residential energy management offerings.
Maybe it’s because Honeywell is… demand response, Electricity Grid, Energy and Economy, Green Building, thermostat, Utilities

The Next Stage in Energy Efficiency LEDs and OLEDs Lighting

Back in the 90′s, the only place where you would see and LED would be on the on/off buttons of your electrical devices, and only came in red, yellow, green, and more red. With a couple of technological breakthroughs, LEDs are now the next big thing in efficient lighting, increasing the… Efficiency, energy efficiency, Green Building, LEDs and OLEDs, lighting, OLED market, OLED vs LED Lighting, Tech, Utilities

Grand Cancun Offshore Marine Platform Cleans Up the Ocean, Generates Energy Richard Moreta Castillo

Richard Moreta Castillo has envisioned a grand offshore marine platform on stilts to commemorate the 50th anniversary of beginning of Cancun’s development in 2020. Although the design for the mega Grand Cancun eco-complex will include all of the luxury amenities often associated with a… Cleans U Ocean, Eco Architecture, Generates Energy, Grand Cancun, Green Building, Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, luxury amenities, Offshore Marine Platform, Solar Panels

Italy Energy Performance Contracts Fund Energy Efficiency EU energy and climate change objectives energy efficiency

Investment in improving the energy efficiency of buildings is widely acknowledged as a high-potential and cost-effective means of improving Europe’s Energy security, reducing operating costs, reducing CO2 Emissions and creating jobs. Studies have indicated that such investment is one of… 2020 target, Climate, CO2 Emissions, Efficiency, Energy and Economy, energy efficiency standards, Green Building, Politics & Legislation, Sustainability, Utilities

China to Ramp Up Energy Efficiency Retrofits Chemsunny World Trade Center in Beijing,

When the posh architectural firm Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill designed the Chemsunny World Trade Center in Beijing, it was more efficient than a typical glass-walled luxury building in China. The fifteen-story building, formed of three connected towers, boasted a 50,000-square-meter “double… China, Coal, coal power, Efficiency, Electricity, Energy and Economy, Energy Demand, Energy Security, Environment, Green Building, Politics & Legislation, retrofits

Smart Meter Installations Headed for a Decline new electric infrastructure generally in California

new electric infrastructure generally A smart meter in California

 Smart meters are just one aspect of the new electric infrastructure generally known as the smart grid, but for consumers, they are the most visible. Utilities in California, Texas and other states have led the way on… Cleantech, Electricity Grid, Green Building, Obama energy policy, Politics & Legislation, Smart Grid, smart meter in California, stimulus

Researchers Create Efficient, Recyclable Solar Cells from Trees Georgia Institute of Technology‘s Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics (COPE),

Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology‘s Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics (COPE), in collaboration with Purdue University have unveiled a new efficient, recyclable organic solar cell made from trees—or, more specifically, from a substrate that can be sourced not…

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