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China to create $3 billion solar fund for Pakistan China to support Pakistan in utilising its solar energy resources

A Chinese company is ready to create a special solar fund worth three billion dollars in China to support Pakistan in utilising its solar energy resources. The company has the capacity to establish a solar plant of 1000MW in 6 to 8 months in Pakistan, while 50MW to 100 MW solar energy can be… Alternative Energy, Alternative Energy in Pakistan, Alternative Energy News, batteries, Biofuels, biogas, biomass, Board of Investment (BoI), Charge Controller, Electricity, Energy, Energy Crises, Energy Crises in Pakistan, Energy News, green energy, Hydel Energy, Hydropower, Inverter, LED lights, LVD Induction Lamps, PAKISTAN, Pakistan Renewable Energy Society, renewable energy, Renewable Energy Financing, Renewable Energy News, Renewable Energy NGOs, Renewable Energy NGOs in Pakistan, Renewable Energyin Pakistan, solar energy, solar energy resources, Solar Panels, solar Street lights, solar water heaters, Solar Water Pumping, Wind energy

Tenaska Imperial Solar South First To Deliver Electricity To SDG&E’s Sunrise Powerlink sun shines all year round in southern California’s Imperial Valley.

The sun shines hot and pretty much all year round in southern California’s Imperial Valley. There’s also a lot in the way of flat, open land, which makes it an ideal place for large-scale solar energy systems, attributes that haven’t gone unnoticed by solar power project developers and the… green energy, Solar Energy Milestone, solar energy systems, solar power project developers, solar PV project, Solar South First To Deliver Electricit, southern California’s Imperial Valley

Two Energy Revolutions Vie Across the Atlantic Germany’s 2000 Renewable Energy Law introduced feed-in tariffs for wind and solar power

A front-page article in the Washington Post reported on the trend of energy-related investments in the US by European companies.  This is another aspect of the competing energy revolutions I mentioned a few weeks ago, in my comments on President Obama’s State of the Union…

RSPB Team Up With Ecotricity To Create Renewable Energy Nature Reserves

The British Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is teaming up with the world’s first green energy company, Ecotricity to develop more environmentally friendly site selections for renewable energy installations which could see renewable energy installations double as wildlife…

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