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Renewable Energy in Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC] comes from renewables wind energy and solar energy

About 17% of our worldwide energy consumption comes from renewables. And that share has not increased in recent years.
However, in coming years, wind energy and solar energy will probably bring that share of renewables up. Though the possibilities vary a lot by country. For instance, Iceland is… Biofuels, Energy, Energy Collective Exclusive, Geothermal Energy, Hydro Power, INFOGRAPHIC, renewable energy supply, Renewables, renewables energy supply, Solar Power, Sustainability, Wind, wind energy and solar energy, worldwide energy

Ernest Moniz on Natural Gas and “Forgotten Renewables”

In a town hall meeting with staffers last week, new Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz dropped a bombshell and a hint. The bombshell, at least as far as fans of natural gas are concerned, is that Moniz sees natural gas not as a permanent fixture in the U.S. energy landscape but merely as a temporary… Carbon and De-carbonization, Cleantech, Climate, Energy and Economy, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, Energy Security, Environmental Policy, Ernest Moniz, Forgotten Renewables, Fossil Fuel Transportation, Geothermal Energy, Hydro Power, National Energy Policy, natural gas, Obama energy policy, Renewables is energy news and research technology and is an online, global energy news service operated by Alternative and renewable energy society.  and provides a central place through which news papers,… alternative and renewable energy, Biodiesel, Biofuel News, Biofuels, Economy, electric cars, Environment, Environment News, Ethanol, Events, fuel cells, Future Energy, Geothermal Energy, Human Power, hybrid cars, Hydro Power, hydrogen fuel, Hydrogen News, Industry, international market related to Batteries, Inventions, medicine and technology, News, Pedal Power, photovoltaics, Politics, Public Transit, research in energy, Solar Power, Solar Power News, Solar PV, sources management, tidal power, Transportation, Transportation News, Waste Energy, Wave Power, wind farms, wind power, Wind Power News, Wind Turbines science

Energy in China: Construction of Biggest Hydropower Dam Yet to Come Reuters reports that China’s environmental ministry

Reuters reports that China’s environmental ministry has okayed the construction of a new hydroelectric dam on the Dadu River in the Sichuan province, which when completed will be the country’s largest.
China’s energy mix was 9.4 percent renewable as of 2011, and the Sichuan project is… Biggest Hydropower Dam Yet to Come, China, china hydroelectric dam, China’s environmental ministry, climate change, Dadu River, drought, Electricity, Energy in China, Environment, Hydro Power, Hydropower, new hydroelectric dam, News, Politics & Legislation, Reuters reports, Sichuan province, Water

Iran hosts first wind energy conference and exhibition in the capital, Tehran, Iran. Iranian Minister of Energy Majid Namjou

Iran’s Niroo [Energy] Research Institute (NRI) has hosted the first national conference and exhibition on wind energy in the capital, Tehran.
The conference focused on the Islamic Republic’s achievements in the field of energy ( Fuel Cells, Future Energy, Geothermal Energy, Human Power,… capital Tehran, conference and exhibition, fuel cells, Future Energy, Geothermal Energy, Human Power, hybrid cars, Hydro Power, hydrogen fuel, Industry, Inventions, Iran hosts first wind energy conference and exhibition, Iran wind energy exhibition, Iranian Minister of Energy, Islamic Republic’s achievements, Pedal Power, photovoltaics, Politics, Public Transit, Solar Power, tidal power, Transportation, Waste Energy, Wave Power, wind energy conference and exhibition, wind energy exhibition Iran, wind farms, wind power, wind turbines

Climate Change Effects May Reduce Hydropower Efficiency bedrock of clean energy production,

Large hydropower projects are the bedrock of clean energy production, by virtue of their sheer size and reliance upon natural rainfall. However, new research recently published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that a necessary part of increasing the… amazon rainforest, Belo Monte, Climate, conservation, Efficiency, Environment, Environmental Policy, Hydro Power, rainfall, Risk Management, Water

Clean Energy for NYC? $2.2 Billion Electric Pipeline Gets State Approval believe this is a reference to Keystone XL,

A pipeline connecting Canadian resources to the American shoreline is only a step or two away from fruition, with federal permits and local opposition representing the largest stumbling blocks. Sound familiar?
It’s not exactly what you think.  Most would believe this is a reference to… distributed generation, Energy and Economy, Energy Security, Environmental Policy, Hydro Power, Keystone XL, New York City, New York State energy, News, Utilities

Canadian Hydro-Power: Niagara Tunnel Now Fully Functional opening ceremonies at the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Visitors’ Centre

Pardon the pun, but last week marked a true watershed moment for the Ontario Power Authority and the local community.
The Niagara Tunnel, a massive 41-foot wide, 6.3-mile long tunnel that’s 460 feet below the City of Niagara Falls, Ontario, made its official debut last Thursday during opening…

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