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The Copycat Syndrome, Innovation and Not Giving Up cheapest or most innovative product/technology/service/oh-heck-anything, particularly

Call it the copycat syndrome or marketing burnout wherein a company has a success with one product at which point every company in the space copies the effort leaving a market dotted with me-too products with little differentiation other than price. Eventually through this process value is… cheapest most innovative, innovation, Not Giving Up, particularly, product technology service, The Copycat Syndrome

IREC Seeks Nominees for Best of 2013 for New National i-Awards Innovation, Ingenuity, Inspiration in Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) is reaching out across the U.S. for nominations to recognize the nation’s Best of 2013 – Innovation, Ingenuity, Inspiration in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The prestigious awards will be presented during IREC’s October meeting, on… energy efficiency, Ingenuity, innovation, Inspiration, IREC Seeks Nominees for Best of 2013, New National i-Awards, renewable energy

Offshore Wind Energy in Europe: €130 Billion Market By 2020

Offshore wind power may yet not match the overall strength of onshore wind, but the industry is on course grow rapidly to become an €130 billion global market by 2020.

Global offshore wind market image via Roland Berger
A new report from industry consultants Roland Berger, “Offshore Wind… Energy and Economy, energy investment, eu, Finance, Global Markets, Green Business, innovation, offshore wind, Tech, Wind, Wind Energy in Europe, Wind Toward 2020

Wind Energy Innovation: GE Tests High-Efficiency Turbine in the Netherlands world’s most efficient high-output wind turbine

General Electric recently announced it had started testing the prototype of what it calls the world’s most efficient high-output wind turbine. The new 2.5-120 is being tested in Wieringermeer, Netherlands.
The 2.5-120 harnesses the power of the Industrial Internet to analyze tens of… Cleantech, Efficiency, Energy and Economy, Industrial Internet, innovation, Netherlands, News, Wieringermeer, Wind, Wind Energy Innovation, wind turbine, wind turbines

Innovative Device Boils Water and Produces Electricity research from the University of Utah,

Power Practical, a company that sprang out of research from the University of Utah, has developed a pot that can charge wireless devices through a USB connection while boiling water. They call their device, no surprise, thePowerPot — retailing for $149. So far they have built and shipped… Boils Water, developing countries, Electricity, electricity production, innovation, Innovative Device, Produces Electricity, Tech, University of Utah, Water

Obama 2014 Budget Energy Proposals: Stuck in A Timewarp the White House’s proposed budget for 2014-23, several conclusions were inescapable

After spending some time going through the White House’s proposed budget for 2014-23, several conclusions were inescapable.  First, this administration still hasn’t thought through the implications of the energy revolution that’s currently unfolding in the US, as a result… 2014 budget, advanced vehicles, Cap-and-Trade, Cleantech, Energy and Economy, energy security trust fund, Environment, Environmental Policy, Green Business, innovation, natural gas, News, Obama energy policy, Oil, Politics & Legislation, renewable energy, Renewables, White House us Energy

Australian Cabinet Merger is Actually Better For Climate Change Mitigation d Energy Efficiency and the Department of Industry

Last week, the Australian government announced the merger of two cabinet-level departments, the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education. Unfortunately, moving the stand-alone department on…

Engineering innovation and organic ingredients: The Future of Tires demand for rubber and eco-friendly products increases

By Lily Gregory
Riddle me this: how are dandelions, oranges and sunflowers related to car tires? These three items may be the future of tires and their production. Tire manufacturers are searching for alternative ingredients for tires as the demand for rubber and eco-friendly…

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