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3,500 megawatts power shortfall recorded According to the Pepco sources,

The prevailing power shortfall was recorded at 3500MW on Monday with a drop of over 1000MW on the generation front. According to the Pepco sources, power generation during last 24 hours remained 13,450 MW against a demand of 16,500 MW in the country. Meanwhile, power generation through hydel,… holy month of Ramazan, hydel, IPPs, power generation, Power shortfall, Thermal

National Transmission and Dispatch Company NTDC begins special audit of Rs 342 billion paid to IPPs

National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) has recently started special audit of Rs 342 billion paid to the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) on the instructions of Finance Ministry so as to clear their outstanding payables against power purchases, well informed sources told Business… independent power producers, IPPs, National Transmission and Dispatch Company, NTDC

Power generation: Ministry seeks Rs 15 billion against Tariff Differential Subsidy TDS

Water and Power Ministry has reportedly sought Rs 15 billion from Finance Ministry against Tariff Differential Subsidy (TDS) to maintain power generation between 12000 MW-13000 MW in June 2013,
The fresh demand for funds has been calculated after a meeting between former minister for Water and… (TDS), Finance Ministry, Generation Companies (Gencos), independent power producers, IPPs, Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), power generation, public sector power, Tariff Differential Subsidy, Water and Power Ministry

Electricity generation: private-sector independent power producers (IPPs) carry the base-load for power production

In the litany of bad numbers about power generation in Pakistan, there is one statistic that sticks out more than the rest: state-owned power companies account for 51% of installed capacity but only around 46% of actual production. That difference may sound minor, but in that… base-load for power production, Cheaper fuel choices result, cheaper tariffs, electricity generation, IPPs, load-shedding, namely furnace oil, power crises, private-sector independent power producers, thermal power plants

Power shortfall swells to 5,500 MW electricity production from all sources, hydel, IPPs, Thermal, Gencos etc

The electricity shortfall in the country on Sunday surged to 5,500 megawatt with no immediate relief in sight. According to National Transmission and Despatch Company officials, the electricity production from all sources, hydel, IPPs, Thermal, Gencos etc was 10,500 megawatts against demand of… all sources, electricity production, Gencos, hydel, IPPs, loadshedding situation, Power shortfall swells, Thermal

Loadshedding no longer in Wapda’s domain electricity load shedding in the country Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority

The Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) spokesman has explained the Wapda’s role in electricity load shedding in the country. Wapda spokesman has made it clear that subsequent to introduction of the power sector reforms and unbundling of Wapda’s Power Wing in 2007,… Central Power Purchasing Agency, CPPA, Discos, domain, electricity load shedding country, independent power producers, IPPs, loadshedding, National Transmission and Despatch Company, NTDC, Pakistan Electric Power Company, Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority, PEPCO, Power Generation Companies (GENCOs) and Power Distribution Companies, WAPDA

US$660 million available for CSP development in MENA region public-private partnerships (PPPs), and independent power producers (IPPs).

The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) has recently given four countries from the MENA region the green light to develop 1.1 GW of concentrated solar power (CSP) via an updated solar plan. US$660 million will be provided by CIF’s Clean Technology Fund (CTF).
Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia will… Climate Investment Funds (CIF), Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), CSP development, dependent power producers, IPPs, MENA region, PPPs, public-private partnerships

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