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Harper Seeks to Build Keystone XL Support on U.S. Visit project crucial for boosting Canada’s economy and Harper’s plans

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is seeking to counter opposition to TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s Keystone XL pipeline, a project crucial for boosting Canada’s economy and Harper’s plans to make the country an energy superpower to rival Saudi Arabia.
Harper, at an event today moderated by… boosting Canada’s economy, Canada, Commodities ·, Energy, Energy Industry, energy markets, Harper Seeks, Harper’s plans, Keystone XL, Keystone XL Pipeline, Policy, project crucial, Support U.S., Sustainability, U.S.

Pipeline Wars Seen Spreading After Fight on Keystone XL

The fight over Trans Canada Corp.’s (TRP) proposed Keystone XL project probably will be repeated as companies build more conduits to carry oil and gas to U.S. markets, the former chief pipeline safety regulator said.
Brigham McCown, United Transportation Advisors LLC, principal and managing… Bloomberg Government, Brigham McCown, Fight Keystone XL, Keystone XL Pipeline, Pipeline Wars, Trans Canada Corp, United Transportation Advisors LLC

Keystone XL: Safe for the Environment valuating the environmental impact of oil sands crude that would be delivered

Each of the State Department’s four reviews of the Keystone XL pipeline – during the more than four years the project has been under consideration – focused primarily on the Keystone XL’s impacts on the environment: air, ground and surface water, wetlands, vegetation, wildlife and more…. Energy and Economy, Energy Security, Environment, Finance, Keystone XL, Keystone XL Pipeline, Oil, Politics & Legislation, Risk Management, state department review

EPA Slams State Department’s Draft Impact Statement For Keystone XL pipeline, “Insufficient Information.”

On the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, EPA rated the adequacy of the State Department’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) as having “Insufficient Information.”
EPA’s Cynthia Giles, the Assistant Administrator for the Office of Enforcement, has submitted the agency’s public… Carbon and De-carbonization, DEIS, Department’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Energy and Economy, Environment, epa, greenhouse gas emissions, Keystone XL Pipeline, News, Oil, Risk Management, Sustainability

Keystone XL: In the $7 billion project in the United States’ national interest? Economic, energy and environmental considerations

On the Keystone XL pipeline, President Obama’s decision boils down to this: Is the $7 billion project in the United States’ national interest? Economic, energy and environmental considerations figure into the answer, but ultimately the president is charged with determining whether Keystone… Keystone XL, Keystone XL Pipeline, President Obama, source Canada

Activism is Half the Battle: The Need for Clean Energy Policymakers people rallied against the Keystone XL pipeline

In February, thousands of people rallied against the Keystone XL pipeline. From my place on the sidelines, this moment was reminiscent of powerful images in political history; spanning the civil rights movement, women’s suffrage, and the Vietnam protests. The societal pressure that these… activism, Carbon and De-carbonization, Clean Energy Leadership Institute, Cleantech, Climate, climate change policy, Energy and Economy, Environment, Environmental Policy, Keystone XL, Keystone XL Pipeline, Politics & Legislation, Renewables

The Keystone XL pipeline Distraction the dirty oil it would bring from Canada to U.S. refineries and world energy markets

Climate activists amassed an impressive army to march on Washington against the Keystone XL pipeline and the dirty oil it would bring from Canada to U.S. refineries and world energy markets. In this fight, however, a relatively small volume of carbon-dioxide emissions is at stake: the… Carbon and De-carbonization, Cleantech, Climate, climate change, Coal, coal fired power plants, dirty oil, Electricity Grid, energy markets, Environment, Environmental Policy, Geothermal Energy, Keystone XL Pipeline, News, Politics & Legislation, Public Health, U.S. refineries

Keystone XL Rewards: Jobs, Energy, Prosperity U.S. State Department reviewed Keystone XL four times now finds rewards aplenty

To hear the other side, you’d think the Keystone XL pipeline project would be nearly 1,200 miles of all pain, no gain for the United States. No rewards? The U.S. State Department has reviewed the Keystone XL four times now and finds rewards aplenty. While Keystone XL opponents don’t like… Energy, Energy and Economy, energy jobs, Environment, Environmental Policy, Jobs, Keystone XL Pipeline, Keystone XL Rewards, Obama energy policy, Oil, Politics & Legislation, Prosperity, Risk Management, U.S. economy, United States

Loading the Climate Change Dice, Stacking the Odds against Canada’s Long-term Interests country’s economic future and national security on marine operations

Canadian politicians are betting a large chunk of the country’s economic future and national security on marine operations that will be ten times riskier in the future due to climate change.
As of 2011 the export of mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation accounted for…

Climate Change Pragmatism in the White House

In a refreshing break from the polarizing debates of recent years, President Obama’s science and technology advisors have released a new set of recommendations on climate policy that are indicative of a growing consensus around pragmatic, commonsense actions that may offer great prospects…

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