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Buffett & co choose wind energy investment over nuclear big announcements show wind and energy efficiency are financeable and attractive,

Investors working with utilities are making clear and clean choices for meeting our energy needs.  Two big announcements show wind and energy efficiency are financeable and attractive, and new small nuclear reactors are not.  Recently MidAmerican Energy chose to add more wind energy to… Austin Energy, Bullitt Center, commercial energy efficiency developer, company’s financial health, efficiency PPA, Energy, energy alternatives, EnergyRM, enery efficiency, feed-in tariff, Fossil Fuels, Global Warming, Living Building Challenge, Metered Energy Efficiency, MidAmerican Energy, Nuclear Power, nuclear safety, renewable electricity standards., Seattle City Light, Small Modular Reactors, small nuclear reactor, SONGS, value of solar, warren buffett, Wind, wind energy investment, windpower

MidAmerican to spend $1.9 billion to erect 656 new wind turbines in Iowa investment in Iowa for wind energy projects the biggest single economic investment

Gov. Terry Branstad announced Wednesday that MidAmerican Energy will make a $1.9 billion investment in Iowa for wind energy projects that will be the biggest single economic investment ever in the state.
“As wind energy goes, so does Iowa’s economy,” said Branstad, who spoke… biggest single economic investment, investment in Iowa, MidAmerican, MidAmerican Energy, wind energy projects, wind turbines in Iowa

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