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Nuclear Energy and My Greenpeace Conundrum killing innocent wildlife, destroying our forests, pillaging aquatic life, increasing global warming and endangering human health

Greenpeace USA wants me to renew my annual membership. I’m ambivalent.
A letter signed by Phil Radford, who leads Greenpeace USA, paints a dire picture of the state of the environment:
We all see polluters poisoning our air, water and land; killing innocent wildlife, destroying our… Carbon and De-carbonization, Climate, Communications and Messaging, Curb Global Warming, destroying our forests, Energy and Economy, Environment, greenpeace, Greenpeace Speaks Out, Greenpeace USA wants, killing innocent wildlife, low carbon transition plan, new nuclear plants, Nuclear Power, pillaging aquatic life, Politics & Legislation, Public Health, renew annual membership, Renewables

What Nuclear Energy Can Learn From Spectra Natural Gas Pipeline Campaign [VIDEO]

If I lived in New York City, I would be campaigning against the installation of large, high pressure gas pipelines and for the continued operation of the well-built and well-maintained Indian Point Nuclear Power Station. I would also campaign for the construction of additional nuclear… Carbon and De-carbonization, Communications and Messaging, Environment, Indian Point Nuclear Power Station, natural gas, new nuclear plants, Nuclear Power, Public Health, public relations, Risk Management, san bruno, Spectra Natural Gas Pipeline Campaign, Sustainability

How Much Material Does a 3600 MWe Coal Plant Really Use? [VIDEO]

Utility companies that operate both coal and nuclear power plants rarely use the important communications techniques of comparison and contrast to help people understand the benefits of nuclear energy. There is some business logic behind that policy. I have a different set of interests and am…

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