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Offshore Drilling in Virginia Threatens Economy, Environment, and Naval Operations Research Associate for Ocean Policy at the Center for American

Shiva Polefka is a Research Associate for Ocean Policy at the Center for American Progress where Michael Conathan is the Director of Ocean Policy.

Fleet Composite Squadron 6 conducts boat operations off coast of Naval Station Norfolk, VA. (Credit: U.S. Navy)
Terry McAuliffe, Virginia’s… Center for American, Climate, Energy Security, Environment, Finance, Green Business, Naval Operations, Ocean Policy, Offshore Drilling in Virginia, offshore oil drilling, offshore wind, Oil, Politics & Legislation, Public Health, Research Associate, Risk Management, Threatens Economy, Virginia, Wind

Offshore Wind Energy in Europe: €130 Billion Market By 2020

Offshore wind power may yet not match the overall strength of onshore wind, but the industry is on course grow rapidly to become an €130 billion global market by 2020.

Global offshore wind market image via Roland Berger
A new report from industry consultants Roland Berger, “Offshore Wind… Energy and Economy, energy investment, eu, Finance, Global Markets, Green Business, innovation, offshore wind, Tech, Wind, Wind Energy in Europe, Wind Toward 2020

Offshore Wind vs Nuclear Energy for Mid-Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC)

Introduction by Meredith Angwin
Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC) plans to enable the Atlantic Coast to use off-shore wind efficiently.  As their website says:
The Mid-Atlantic region offers more than 60,000 MW of offshore wind potential in the relatively shallow waters of the outer continental… Atlantic Wind Connection AWC, Efficiency, Electricity Grid, Energy and Economy, energy efficiency and renewable energy, Finance, nuclear energy, Nuclear Power, offshore wind, Offshore Wind vs Nuclear Energy, Tech, Utilities, Wind

A Rough Guide to Offshore Wind Energy and Geography [VIDEO] seas around the UK the “Saudi Arabia of offshore wind

It has become a cliche to call the seas around the UK the “Saudi Arabia of offshore wind.” The reasons for this are relatively straightforward. The ideal conditions for an offshore wind farm is a lot of wind and a not particularly deep stretch of water. The North Sea has both, so much so…

Wind vs. Nuclear Energy in the UK: A Question of Scale

Occasionally the Google search referrals I get for this blog give me ideas for a post, and today I got a rather topical one. The UK government has just given planning approval for the first new nuclear power plant in almost 20 years, and evidently someone wanted to know the …

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