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POL price Rs 2.66 increase expected summary forwarded by OGRA to the Petroleum Ministry,

ISLAMABAD: The prices of petroleum products are expected to increase form July 1.
In the summary forwarded by OGRA to the Petroleum Ministry, a Rs 2.66 increase is recommended for the per litre price of petrol.
The price of diesel is going to see a Rs 3.66 increase while light diesel will… Ogra, petroleum ministry, POL price increase

Ban on compressed natural gas (CNG) use in big vehicles reversed petroleum ministry, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) and gas companies

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Petroleum has declared a directive issued by the Prime Minister Secretariat’s as unworkable and withdrawn a ban on the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) in vehicles with engine capacity of over 1000cc.
The PM Secretariat’s directive issued on Tuesday to the… big vehicles reversed, CNG stations, compressed natural gas (CNG), gas companies, Ogra, Oil and Gas, petroleum ministry, Regulatory Authority

the worst energy crises in its history, Fuel shortages: Petroleum ministry warns of more power cuts in summer months

As Pakistan perseveres through one of the worst energy crises in its history, the Ministry of Petroleum has warned that power shortages may worsen in the summer season, troubling those who wish for some respite in the near future. The ministry cites a severe shortage of fuel oil for the… energy crises history, fuel shortages, ower cuts, petroleum ministry, summer months

First crude South Sudan oil reaches Sudan impoverished nations closer billions dollars revenue after dispute fees

Sudan’s oil ministry said Sunday that the first crude from South Sudan reached its territory, bringing both impoverished nations closer to billions of dollars in revenue after a dispute over fees. “The first batch of oil already arrived on Sudanese land yesterday,”… first crude, Oil production, petroleum ministry, South Sudan

Judicious usage of gas, furnace oil: power generation can be enhanced by up to 2,000 MW

The government can increase current power generation by up to 2,000 megawatts through judicious usage of natural gas and furnace oil, a senior Petroleum Ministry official said.
“About 1.9 million tons of furnace oil supplied to IPPs instead of Gencos in 2010-11 would have resulted in a net…

Two Independent Power Plants (IPPs) Saba Power, Sepcol still owe Rs 1.2 billion to PSO

Two Independent Power Plants (IPPs) – Saba Power and Sepcol – have still not cleared their fuel supply dues they owe to Pakistan State oil (PSO) for July last year amounting to as much as Rs 1.2 billion, an official told this correspondent on Wednesday.
According to sources in the…

Gas supply to Punjab industrial sector being increased

The government has decided to increase gas supply to industrial sector in Punjab from three days to four days a week, while gas supply for compressed natural gas (CNG) stations may continue as per current schedule – three days a week. The sources in Petroleum Ministry  Saturday that with…

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