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Bosch’s Safer PV Technology Could Save Lives Bosch is bowing out of silicon photovoltaic manufacturing this year

First off, solar systems aren’t killers, but in certain—very unusal situations, they can be lethal. Once a PV module is connected to wiring, it’s outputting electricity when light hits it, and when the array’s wiring is compromised, or the grid is compromised, PV modules can… Bosch PV modules, Bosch’s Safer PV Technology, Inverters, Photovoltaic Technology, renewable energy, silicon photovoltaic manufacturing, Solar Cells, solar energy, Solar Panels, Solar Power, Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

Solar PV Market Recovering by 2015, Booming by 2018—New Lux Report Solar photovoltaic manufacturers

Solar photovoltaic manufacturers must be starting to breathe again. Over the past few years, they’ve struggled to keep their heads above a tide of overproduction that’s been washing out weaker competitors and strengthening others. Now, a growing body of evidence shows that the tide is… Alternative Energy, Photovoltaic Technology, Solar Cells, solar energy, Solar Panels, Solar photovoltaic manufacturers, Solar Power

Resolutions To Reverse the Unsustainable Solar Industry worst time for manufacturers of photovoltaic technology.

Viewing the solar industry (and all of its technologies) from the outside an observer would be confronted by two distinct views. View number one: THIS IS THE GREATEST TIME IN THE WORLD FOR SOLAR. GROWTH IS OFF OF THE CHARTS. THIS IS THE BEST YEAR YET. View number two: This is the worst time for…

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