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A Crisis of Leadership? Rebuilding Trust in the Energy Industry [VIDEO]

Energy is a multi-trillion dollar sector and energy products form some of the most basic inputs into our modern industrial society. What’s more, the energy industry sits at the intersection of government policy and complex markets. It’s understandable then that everyone, from consumers to… Biofuels, Coal, Communications and Messaging, Energy, Energy Collective Exclusive, Energy Industry, fuels, natural gas, Nuclear Power, Oil, Politics & Legislation, public trust, Renewables, Solar Power, Trust Factor, Wind


The 2013 Energy Trust Barometer: Mixed Readings panel discussion in Washington, DC on “The Trust Factor” in energy

Wednesday’s panel discussion in Washington, DC on “The Trust Factor” in energy couldn’t have been more timely. The stakes for lost trust seemed especially apparent against the backdrop of an EU probe into allegations of price fixing in the spot oil market,… 2013 Energy Trust Barometer, bp deepwater horizon, Electricity Grid, Environment, Finance, Mixed Readings, natural gas, Oil, panel discussion, public trust, renewable energy, Renewables, TEC Recognition, Tech, The Trust Factor energy, Washington DC, Webcasts

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