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The Cost of Wind Energy: Part II renewable electricity was less expensive than nuclear generated electricity,

In Part I, we explored past and present wind costs and noted rapid inflation. This was the first step in an exploration of David Roberts’ claim that renewable electricity was less expensive than nuclear generated electricity, but there are many other factors that I did not touch on or… cost effectiveness, Cost of Wind Energy, Efficiency, Electricity Grid, Energy Demand, Finance, nuclear generated electricity, Nuclear Power, renewable electricity, Storage, Utilities, Wind, wind energy industry

Car Hater To EV Lover (What Made Me Into An Electric Car Lover?) xperience studying

Here’s a short version of how I changed from being ‘ugh’ about cars to ‘meh’ about electric cars to a super EV enthusiast. Check her out:
I’m not going to lie — I’ve got issues with cars. My master’s degree is in city and regional planning. From my experience studying that… Electric Car Lover, electric cars, gasmobiles, Global Warming, nissan leaf, renewable electricity, Tesla Model

Renewables Aren’t Yet Cleaning Up the Global Energy System International Energy Agency looking at the carbon intensity

Looking for a reason to be cynical? You’ve found it: Dirty energy is winning.
That’s the conclusion of a new report from the International Energy Agency looking at the carbon intensity of the global energy system. Despite big drops in the cost of renewable energy systems and strong… (iea) international energy agency, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon capture technologies, carbon emissions, Climate, Coal, Energy and Economy, energy efficiency, Environment, fossil fuel industry, Fossil Fuels, hybrid vehicles, International Energy Agency, Oil, Politics & Legislation, renewable electricity, renewable fuels, Renewables, Smart Grid

Niagara Tunnel hydro power project completed – will generate 100 plus years of renewable electricity

Ontario’s new Niagara Tunnel is now in service to produce more clean, renewable electricity at the Sir Adam Beck generating complex.

The Niagra Tunnel will annually produce more power, on average, than cities the size of Niagara Falls or Kingston use every year and is one of the best value…

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