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EU: 100 Percent Renewable Energy Is Here updated International Energy Statistics of Electricity Generation from the Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Two questions for you: how many countries in the world source their electricity 100% from renewable sources? And which major European nation that is well-endowed with renewable energy resources, is the worst at exploiting them?

The answers can be gleaned from the recently… Electricity, electricity generation, Energy and Economy, Energy Information Administration (EIA), enewable energy resources, eu, International Energy Statistics, renewable energy, renewable sources, Solar Power, US Department of Energy, Wind

Steady but Modest Progress Found on Renewables Adoption Representatives of the three agencies (the World Bank, the World Energy Council and UK-based charity Practical Action

The world has made “steady but modest progress” in improving global access to electricity and safe cooking fuels, increasing energy efficiency and adding renewable sources to the world’s energy mix, said Vivien Foster, energy unit sector manager at the World Bank’s sustainable energy… electricity and safe cooking fuels, global renewable energy, improving global access, increasing energy efficiency, renewable sources, Sustainable Energy for All, t, Vivien Foster, World Bank, World Energy Council, world’s energy mix

Report: Japan poised to become world’s second biggest solar market

Japan is poised become the largest solar market in the world after China this year, according to a new analysis by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

In each latest research note, BNEF says the acceleration of the Japanese solar market can largely be attributed to an incentive program that offers… Japanese solar market, New Energy Finance, renewable sources, solar installations, Solar Plans, world’s second biggest solar market

Renewables to Exceed Fossil Fuels in European Generation by 2020

LONDON – Europe’s share of generation capacity using renewable sources will rise to at least 40 percent by 2020, exceeding capacity fueled by coal, natural gas and oil, according to the region’s grid operators group Entsoe.

Renewable electricity output capacity will grow by…

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