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Two-day POGEE conference 2013 begins in at Expo Centre Lahore Pakistan Energy event

introduction of latest technological techniques and equipment was of major focus in the display of the 11th international exhibition for the energy industry – POGEE 2013, which was inaugurated on Thursday at Expo Centre, Lahore. New and innovative equipment like solar panels, solar pumps,… China, France, Italy, Japan, Pakistan energy events exhibition, POGEE 2013, POGEE conference, POGEE exhibition, Russia, Switzerland

[UPDATE] Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) calls for multilateral efforts to solve dispute with China

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is calling for multilateral trade negotiations between the U.S., the European Union and China in an effort to stave off an all-out trade war.
The SEIA said multilateral trade negotiations between the U.S., EU and China are important to end the… brazil, China, India, Russia, SEIA, Solar Energy Industries Association

Sanctions in Iran have had an impact on its nuclear stance compromise in nuclear negotiations since

The Iranian government has looked more willing to compromise in nuclear negotiations since the threat of an oil embargo
The Iranian government has claimed on numerous occasions that sanctions can’t influence its nuclear policies and will not do so in the future. However, its own… China, France, Germany, nuclear negotiations since, oil embargo, Russia, United Kingdom, United States

Caretakers asked to encourage investment in coal gasification projects offer versatile and clean produce electricity

LAHORE – The business community has asked the caretaker government to encourage private sector investment in coal gasification projects that offer one of the most versatile and clean way to produce electricity.
They said that 175 billion tones of Thar coal reserves could provide guaranteed…

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