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Iesco advises people to adopt safety steps Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco)

IslamabadThe Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) has urged the consumers to observe precautionary measures during rain particularly in monsoon season as a little negligence could cause fatal accidents.The IESCO spokesman Thursday appealed to the consumers to follow precautionary measures… adopt, advises, Company, Electric, IESCO, Islamabad, people, safety, steps, Supply

Six Reasons Arctic Offshore Drilling Cannot Be Done Safely Shell’s reckless attempt to drill for oil wild and remote Arctic Ocean.

The Coast Guard recently wrapped up a hearing about the Shell drill rig that ran aground in December. The rig and its tow vessel were part of Shell’s reckless attempt to drill for oil in the wild and remote Arctic Ocean. Witnesses described the uncertified equipment that broke off the tow,… America’s national heritage, Arctic offshore oil drilling, Canada’s National Energy Board, Climate, Climate Disruption, e oil industry, Energy and Economy, Environment, extraordinary wildlife, Finance, News, Oil, Politics & Legislation, Reasons Arctic Offshore Drilling, Risk Management, safety, support emergency response

Managing Continuous Improvement in Offshore Drilling Safety [INFOGRAPHIC] interview with Fuel Fix, Charlie Williams, director of the Center for Offshore Safety,

In an interview with Fuel Fix, Charlie Williams, director of the Center for Offshore Safety, fields a question about the perceptions surrounding the safety of drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico:
“I think the biggest misconception is that not much has been done, when there has been a… Charlie Williams, director Safety Center, Drilling Safety, Energy and Economy, Environment, Environmental Policy, Fuel Fix, Improvement, INFOGRAPHIC, offshore oil drilling, Oil, Public Health, Risk Management, safety

Does My Smart Meter Make Me Look Fat? smart meters based on concerns about the health impacts of the Radio Frequency (RF) signaling technology

At a Smart Grid industry conference last week, three attendees protested against smart meters based on concerns about the health impacts of the Radio Frequency (RF) signaling technology in them.  Smart meters use either RF or Power Line Carrier (PLC) communications technology to transmit…

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