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‘Private sector can help resolve energy crisis’ increasing electricity production

LAHORE STEPS are being taken on emergent basis to overcome energy crisis and a comprehensive strategy will be evolved after seeking proposals from all the departments concerned in order to formulate a better policy, said Punjab Energy Minister Sher Ali Khan here Saturday.
Presiding over a… biogas, biomass, Coal, hydel, increasing electricity production, Punjab Energy Minister, reviewing energy, Sher Ali Khan, solar, Wind

Minister seeks demand-supply data from Discos Officers of power distribution companies in Punjab

Punjab Energy Minister Chaudhry Sher Ali Khan has directed the Chief Executive Officers of power distribution companies in Punjab to provide a complete data of demand and supply situation of the electricity within a week for the purpose of evolving a comprehensive strategy for controlling energy… controlling energy crisis, Energy Department, Generation of energy different sources, power distribution companies in Punjab, Punjab Energy Minister Chaudhry, Sher Ali Khan

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