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federal government increases Power Ministry allocations by 25 percent Finance Ministry released only Rs 43.215 billion in 2012-13

The federal government has increased allocations to the Ministry of Water and Power by about 25 percent to Rs 56.439 billion for the financial year 2013-14 against Rs 45.192 billion earmarked in 2012-13. The Finance Ministry released only Rs 43.215 billion in 2012-13 citing financial crunch… financial year 2013-14, Ministry of Water and Power, Smart Grid

Primus Power Wins Energy Storage Project With Bonneville Power and PSE Flow batteries in action.

It’s still early days in large-scale energy storage but the small projects of today are yielding real-world experience with new technology and grid integration.
Primus Power, a VC-funded flow battery startup, chalks up a small win with an R&D contract to deploy its large-scale energy… caes, deeya energy, ed cazalet, Energy Storage, enstorage, flow batteries, fuel cells, ionex, new technology and grid integration., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, php, primus power, regenerative fuel cells, rubenius, Smart Grid, utility scale energy storage, zbb

National renewable Energy Policy Would Benefit the Insurance Policy Industry by new Smart Grid regulatory policy, technology, and financial drivers

The utility industry gets much attention about sector-wide disruptions triggered by new Smart Grid regulatory policy, technology, and financial drivers on the path to grid modernization.  But the insurance sector is also facing real challenges on two fronts – dealing with the downsides of… Climate, climate change, distributed energy resources (DER), Energy and Economy, Energy Policy, Energy Storage, Environment, extreme weather, Finance, National Energy Policy, Politics & Legislation, renewable Energy Insurance Policy, Renewable Energy Insurance Training Kit, renewable generation, Renewables, Smart Grid

A Pragmatic Approach to Transactive Energy and the Smart Grid Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) just released a white paper that should be read by every utility regulator and state legislator interested in encouraging renewable generation sources into the grid.  The Integrated Distribution Planning Concept Paper  offers practical… Cleantech, distributed energy resources (DER), Energy and Economy, energy efficiency and renewable energy, Finance, generation mix, Integrated Distribution Planning Concept Paper, Interstate Renewable Energy Council, IREC, Renewables, Smart Grid, transactive energy business

Webinar Replay: Gone With The Wind? Understanding Grid Resiliency electrical grid and expose communities to crippling economic and social impacts

Derechos, superstorms, human error and deliberate cyber attacks can disable vast swaths of our electrical grid and expose communities to crippling economic and social impacts. We have a number of technologies and business models that can help address grid weaknesses, but are our federal and… Electricity, Electricity Grid, Energy Collective Exclusive, grid resiliency, Politics & Legislation, Smart Grid, Understanding Grid Resiliency

Making Buildings Part of the Smart Grid Solution Gridwise Architecture Council hosted first international Transactive Energy Conference

A very important conference occurred in Portland, Oregon last week – the Gridwise Architecture Council hosted the first international Transactive Energy Conference.  The topic of transactive energy is so new that there’s no formal definition yet, but as the author of the Smart Grid… Cleantech, distributed energy resources (DER), Efficiency, Electricity, energy innovation, first international Transactive Energy Conference, grid infrastructure, Gridwise Architecture Council, Risk Management, smart buildings, Smart Grid, Smart Grid Dictionary

AT&T Launches the Cellular Smart Grid ton of business in the utility sector,

AT&T already has a ton of business in the utility sector, providing everything from workforce connectivity to the backhaul networks that help connect millions of smart meters and other grid devices in the field. But to date, AT&T and its telecommunications coequals, such as Verizon and… Cellular Smart Grid, Cleantech, energy investment, Finance, News, Smart Grid, Smart Grid Service, smart meter, smart meters, Utilities

Plug-and-Play Grid Energy Storage Thanks to 1Energy’s Software per-kilowatt-hour basis, grid-scale battery projects

Why do batteries for the grid cost so much more, on a per-kilowatt-hour basis, than batteries for laptops, or even for electric vehicles? It’s not the cost of the battery technologies themselves, or even necessarily what grid customers are demanding from them.
Instead, it’s that today’s… 1Energy’s Software, advanced energy storage, demand response, Electricity, Electricity Storage 1Energy’s Software, Electricity Storage Association (ESA), Finance, Green Business, Grid Energy Storage, grid infrastructure, grid-scale battery projects, per-kilowatt-hour basis, Plug-and-Play, Renewables, Smart Grid, software, Storage, Tech, Utilities

New GridSTAR Center: Smart Grid Research, Energy Innovation workforce training, building performance testing, energy management research and ‘smart’ microgrid modernization deployments,”

Announced last week, the GridSTAR Net Zero Energy Demonstration Project (or GridSTAR Center, for short) will serve as a “valuable hub for workforce training, building performance testing, energy management research and ‘smart’ microgrid modernization deployments,” as defined by… building performance testing, Efficiency, Energy, energy innovation, energy management research, energy research, Energy Security, microgrids, modernization deployments, New GridSTAR Center, News, Politics & Legislation, Smart Grid, Smart Grid Research, smart microgrid, Tech, workforce training

Energy Conservation – A key driver for Smart Grid Smart Grid is not only a technology solution but a combination of interventions across policy,

Smart Grid is not only a technology solution but a combination of interventions across policy, technology and society to create an efficient and sustainable energy infrastructure.
Mitul Thapliyal and Jasdev Soni
mart Grid is a key element in the infrastructure plan ofthe Utilities around the… Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS), combination of interventions across policy, Energy Conservation, Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC), key driver, reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG), Smart Grid, Smart Grid technology solution

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