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New Program Trains Soldiers To Use Solar Energy the growing partnership between Solar Energy International (SEI)

Clean Technica took note on Thursday of new developments in the growing partnership between Solar Energy International (SEI) and the United States military. The former is an educational organization, founded in 1991, that offers training in solar power jobs as well as other renewable… Energy, New Program Trains Soldiers, new scholarship program, News, solar energy, Solar Energy International (SEI), Solar Power, soldiers

Solar Jobs Course For Military Vets Comes With Full Scholarship nonprofit career education organization Solar Energy International (SEI)

The nonprofit career education organization Solar Energy International (SEI) has taken note of the surging interest in solar jobs among military veterans, and it has come up with a scholarship plan to help both veterans and active duty military jump-start new careers in the solar industry. The… Military Renewable Energy, nonprofit career education organization, Scholarships For Solar Jobs Certification, Solar Energy International (SEI), solar jobs, solar jobs certification

Solar Energy International (SEI) Launches Social Media Scholarship Contest solar careers and small businesses by taking SEI technical training.

Enter to Win a SEI Online Campus Scholarship ($795) – Like and Share SEI’s Facebook Page
Paonia, Colorado
“So many people and business owners launched their own solar careers and small businesses by taking SEI technical training. For many of them, our online learning community… and small businesses, Launches Social Media, Scholarship Contes, SEI technical training, Solar Energy International (SEI), t solar careers

Solar Energy International (SEI) Expands International Training Partnerships in India and the Middle East

Paonia, Colorado

EnerPlus Solutions India, a new startup based out of Bangalore, India announced a new solar PV training partnership with Solar Energy International (SEI) to expand solar training programs for renewable energy professionals in India.  In recent years, SEI has ramped up… EnerPlus Solutions India, Expands International Training, International solar, Middle East, Partnerships in India, renewable energy professionals, Solar Energy International (SEI), solar PV training partnerships, solar training programs

Solar Energy International (SEI) Launches New Outreach Program: Solar Powered RC Race Cars for High School Students

Paonia, Colorado How do we reach today’s high-school kids with vital messages about energy efficiency and renewable energy? It ain’t gonna be easy – they’ve got smartphones and girlfriends and video games and boyfriends and some of them even have real drivers’… Launches New Outreach Program, nergy efficiency, renewable energy, Solar Energy International (SEI)

Report Shows Record Solar Industry Growth – Solar Energy International (SEI) Responds by Expanding Solar PV Technical Training for Renewable Energy Professionals

Paonia, Colorado

Solar Energy International (SEI), the nation’s leading Solar PV Training organization with the largest alumni association of certified solar professionals, is responding to the recent report released by the Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research showing…

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