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What is renewable energy and sources

What is renewable energy and sources

Renewable energy refers to sources of energy that can be replenished in a short period of time. Some renewable sources are essentially infinite such as solar, wind and hydro power. Biomass and geothermal power can also be replenished, when properly managed. Renewable energy can be used as transportation fuels, to produce electricity, and for heating. Clean, renewable energy is not new, but a collection of economic, environmental and technological changes are leading to new and rapid development in the way these resources are used.

What is renewable energy?

What is Alternative energy

Renewable energy is energy which can be obtained from natural resources that can be constantly replenished.
Renewable energy technologies include technologies that use—or enable the use of—one or more renewable energy sources. Types of renewable energy technologies include:

China to create $3 billion solar fund for Pakistan China to support Pakistan in utilising its solar energy resources

A Chinese company is ready to create a special solar fund worth three billion dollars in China to support Pakistan in utilising its solar energy resources. The company has the capacity to establish a solar plant of 1000MW in 6 to 8 months in Pakistan, while 50MW to 100 MW solar energy can be… Alternative Energy, Alternative Energy in Pakistan, Alternative Energy News, batteries, Biofuels, biogas, biomass, Board of Investment (BoI), Charge Controller, Electricity, Energy, Energy Crises, Energy Crises in Pakistan, Energy News, green energy, Hydel Energy, Hydropower, Inverter, LED lights, LVD Induction Lamps, PAKISTAN, Pakistan Renewable Energy Society, renewable energy, Renewable Energy Financing, Renewable Energy News, Renewable Energy NGOs, Renewable Energy NGOs in Pakistan, Renewable Energyin Pakistan, solar energy, solar energy resources, Solar Panels, solar Street lights, solar water heaters, Solar Water Pumping, Wind energy

Pak-China efforts to help resolve energy crisis: solar energy farm to be set up in Cholistan Bahawalpur district

Provincial Secretary for Energy, Usman Akhtar Bajwa has said that solar energy farm will be established at 5000 acre area of Cholistan, Bahawalpur district at a cost of 2.2 billion dollars and from this solar farm, 1050 megawatts electricity will be generated and at the end of the 2014, small… Cholistan Bahawalpur district, electricity generated, Pak-China, resolve energy crisis, small business centres, small houses, solar energy

AIOU residents Colony to get solar energy

Islamabad: Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Nazir Ahmed Sangi has constituted a six-member committee to put up suggestions and recommendations for provision of unconventional energy — solar energy — to the residents of AIOU Colony and boost security… (AIOU), Allama Iqbal Open University, Electrical Engineer, solar energy

New Program Trains Soldiers To Use Solar Energy the growing partnership between Solar Energy International (SEI)

Clean Technica took note on Thursday of new developments in the growing partnership between Solar Energy International (SEI) and the United States military. The former is an educational organization, founded in 1991, that offers training in solar power jobs as well as other renewable… Energy, New Program Trains Soldiers, new scholarship program, News, solar energy, Solar Energy International (SEI), Solar Power, soldiers

Bosch’s Safer PV Technology Could Save Lives Bosch is bowing out of silicon photovoltaic manufacturing this year

First off, solar systems aren’t killers, but in certain—very unusal situations, they can be lethal. Once a PV module is connected to wiring, it’s outputting electricity when light hits it, and when the array’s wiring is compromised, or the grid is compromised, PV modules can… Bosch PV modules, Bosch’s Safer PV Technology, Inverters, Photovoltaic Technology, renewable energy, silicon photovoltaic manufacturing, Solar Cells, solar energy, Solar Panels, Solar Power, Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

Solar Forward: Recognized as 2013 SolarReviews Pre-Screened Solar Pro

We proudly announce that Solar Forward of Santa Monica, California, has earned the coveted designation of 2013 SolarReviews Pre-Screened Solar Pro.
Achieving the status of Pre-Screened Solar Pro must truly be earned. It is estimated that less than 20% of solar installers can achieve this… Alternative Energy, Marketing & Business Development, renewable energy, solar energy, Solar Panels, Solar Power, SolarReviews Pre-Screened Solar Pro

SolarCity Offers Homebuilders a Chance to Install Solar—For Free! home less palatable. SolarCity’s introduced a workaround with a new zero-down financing program for homebuilders

Generally if a homebuilder or homebuilding company knows they want to build a home with solar, they also know they usually have to pay for it upfront, a cost they will pass on to homebuyers that can add 10s of thousands of dollars to the price. Though having little to no electric bill is… Homebuilder Partner Program, how Install Solar in home, solar energy, Solar Power, Solar Rebates

China and U.S. Agree to Cooperate to Reduce Powerful Greenhouse Gas one important climate-related agreement

The informal summit between the presidents of China and the United States last week yielded one very one important climate-related agreement.  After years of opposing international efforts to restrict hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs – a potent family of greenhouse gases), China has now agreed to… (HFCs), China, Cleantech, Electricity Grid, Energy and Economy, Environment, Environmental Policy, hydrofluorocarbons, News, Politics & Legislation, power generation, Public Health, solar energy, Solar Power

Why Makes investments in Solar Energy , A Solar Energy is Good Investment?

What Makes Solar Energy a Good Investment?
This article is part of a Mosaic series on investments that create positive social, environmental, and financial returns. Read more about what makes a truly good investment.
Five years after the Great Recession, most Americans have yet to regain… commercial scale solar energy, create positive social, environmental, financial returns, make solar energy loans, olar energy investments, solar energy, Solar Energy Good Investment, Why Makes Solar Energy

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