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Get Ready for a Revival in Solar Tech Investments Manufacturers Resume Spending to Improve Efficiency

The Skies are Brightening as Manufacturers Resume Spending to Improve Efficiency
Slumping solar PV equipment spending has finally bottomed out, and we’re about to witness a “revival” in investments that will finally close the yawning gap between oversupply and demand,… Emerging Markets, Improve Efficiency, Investments Manufacturers, new plants and production, Resume Spending, Solar Tech

Moniz Unanimously Confirmed As New DOE Chief Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

ew Hampshire, USA – Ernie Moniz has been unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the next Secretary of Energy, in a 97-0 vote (with three nonvoters). He succeeds Stephen Chu who held the position for four years.

Moniz’s nomination to head up the Department of Energy had… Bioenergy, energy efficiency, Energy Storage, Geothermal Energy, Hydrogen – Fuel Cells, Ocean Energy, Other, solar energy, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Solar Tech, wind power

Connecticut Seeks to Literally Water Down its RPS, Could it Happen in Your Region? other renewable energy sources.

Including hydropower in the state’s renewable portfolio standard could crowd out other renewable energy sources.
Since I live in New Hampshire and write about the global renewable energy industry, once in a while small local news that might appear to be of minor importance to my neighbors… Bioenergy, Hydropower, renewable energy sources, Solar Tech, wind power

The Need for Reliable Solar Power at Sea light of recent at-sea power failures on major cruise liners,

In light of recent at-sea power failures on major cruise liners, smaller vessels are tuning into the need to ensure their own systems are dependable and won’t strand crews and passengers at sea. Reliable and efficient power is vital on any size or type of boat or ship, but it’s too… diesel fuel, Green at Sea, green power source, International Rescue Group, Reliable Solar Power at Sea, sea power failures, solar energy, Solar Tech

Solar PV Module Rankings in 2012, And What Comes Next several years, according to new industry analyst reports

New Hampshire, USA – The gap between PV supply and demand narrowed slightly in 2012, but overcapacity will continue to weigh on the industry for the next several years, even with optimistic outlooks, according to new industry analyst reports.

Total PV capacity (run-rate) in 2012 was… according to, industry analyst reports, Next several years, solar energy, Solar PV Module, Solar Tech

Distributed Energy Storage Benefits on Both Sides of the Meter Solar and wind are excellent sources of clean, renewable energy,

Solar and wind are excellent sources of clean, renewable energy, but as they contribute a larger share to the generation fleet, their integration will become increasingly challenging. The reason: solar and wind cannot be dispatched in the same way as other sources of energy, such as nuclear,… Both Sides, Distributed Energy Storage Benefits, energy efficiency, Energy Storage, excellent sources of clean, Green Power, Hydropower, Meter Solar and wind, renewable energy, solar energy, Solar Tech, wind power

Massachusetts Resets Its Solar Energy Bar, Four Years Early new target for solar energy growth

New Hampshire, USA – Solar installations in Massachusetts topped 135 MW in 2012, and through April of this year another 30 MW was installed. This week, on May 1, the state achieved a milestone: 250 MW of installed solar capacity, fulfilling a goal set by Governor Deval Patrick’s… new target for solar energy growth, SEIA, solar energy, Solar Energy Bar, Solar Energy Industries Association, Solar Tech

Latin America Report: Thinking Big About Clean Energy and Climate Change annual investments, with spending on renewable energy making

New Hampshire, USA – Virtually eliminating the carbon footprint from Latin America’s power sector by 2050 would require $66 billion in annual investments, with spending on renewable energy making up half that amount, according to a new report analyzing full “climate… annual investments, Bioenergy, clean energy, climate change, Geothermal Energy, Hydropower, solar energy, Solar Tech, wind power

Verizon to Invest $100 Million in U.S. Solar and Fuel Cells second-largest U.S. phone company

NEW YORK CITY – Verizon Communications Inc., the second-largest U.S. phone company, plans to spend $100 million on solar systems and fuel cells to power 19 U.S. facilities.

The company will install the gear at office buildings, call centers, data centers and other sites in seven states,… Hydrogen – Fuel Cells, solar energy, Solar Tech, U.S. phone company, Verizon Communications

Saudi Arabia Looks to NREL for Solar Monitoring Expertise US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Saudi Arabia is jumping headlong into renewable energy, with plans to install more solar and wind power in the next 20 years than the rest of the world has installed to date.

NREL’s Steve Wilcox at the K.A.CARE site training Saudi industry and academic personnel… Building a New City, Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL, renewable energy, Saudi Arabia, solar energy, Solar Tech, Support Renewables

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