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Latin America Report: Thinking Big About Clean Energy and Climate Change annual investments, with spending on renewable energy making

New Hampshire, USA – Virtually eliminating the carbon footprint from Latin America’s power sector by 2050 would require $66 billion in annual investments, with spending on renewable energy making up half that amount, according to a new report analyzing full “climate… annual investments, Bioenergy, clean energy, climate change, Geothermal Energy, Hydropower, solar energy, Solar Tech, wind power

Verizon to Invest $100 Million in U.S. Solar and Fuel Cells second-largest U.S. phone company

NEW YORK CITY – Verizon Communications Inc., the second-largest U.S. phone company, plans to spend $100 million on solar systems and fuel cells to power 19 U.S. facilities.

The company will install the gear at office buildings, call centers, data centers and other sites in seven states,… Hydrogen – Fuel Cells, solar energy, Solar Tech, U.S. phone company, Verizon Communications

Saudi Arabia Looks to NREL for Solar Monitoring Expertise US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Saudi Arabia is jumping headlong into renewable energy, with plans to install more solar and wind power in the next 20 years than the rest of the world has installed to date.

NREL’s Steve Wilcox at the K.A.CARE site training Saudi industry and academic personnel… Building a New City, Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL, renewable energy, Saudi Arabia, solar energy, Solar Tech, Support Renewables

NextEra Chops Blythe Solar Project Proposal Amid Switch to solar photovoltaic (PV) technology

New Hampshire, USA – NextEra has submitted a revised proposal for its massive Blythe Solar Power Project in California, aiming to shrink the project by more than half from its initial 1,000-MW goal as it shifts the project to solar PV technology.

NextEra acquired the Blythe project in… Blythe project, e Solar Power Project, PV technology, solar energy, solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, Solar Tech

Germany to Support Solar Energy Storage with New Subsidy the German Solar Industry Association

NEW YORK CITY – Germany will subsidize consumers’ purchases of battery systems to store power from solar panels through a 25 million-euro ($32.6 million) program to promote wider use of renewable energy, according to the German Solar Industry Association.

The government… battery systems, Energy Storage, German Solar Industry Association, solar energy, Solar Panels, Solar Tech, store power

The Greenest Organizations in the US: Who Uses the Most Renewable Energy? top 50 organizations in the US that get their electricity from “green power

New Hampshire, USA – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the updated list of the top 50 organizations in the US that get their electricity from “green power.” The rankings are listed in order of annual green power usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh), though… Bioenergy, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Geothermal Energy, Green Power, Hydropower, Ocean Energy, renewable energy power, solar energy, Solar Tech, top 50 organizations, wind power

RevoluSun walks sustainability with the Earth Day challenge about promoting renewable energy

HONOLULU Earth Day at RevoluSun ( is not just about promoting renewable energy, it’s about walking the walk of sustainability. And this year, the public is encouraged to show how green they can be! Each year RevoluSun holds an in-house “Earth Day… Earth Day challenge, energy costs, photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar energy, Solar Tech

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