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Energy Innovation: “Artificial Leaf” Could Blow Up Fuel Cell Market energy storage solution

The idea of an “artificial leaf” sounds simple enough: Take a small, cheap, light-collecting device the size of a typical leaf, dunk it in a quart of water, and use solar energy to generate enough hydrogen gas for powering a small fuel cell. Scaled up, these solar-derived fuel cells would… clean energy innovation, Cleantech, Efficiency, Electricity, Hydrogen – Fuel Cells, National Institute of Standards and Technology, News, NIST, photo electro chemical (PEC), photoelectrochemical, photovoltaic cell, Solar Power, Storage, Water

Consumers Energy Company – Alternative Energy – Deals and Alliances Profile – new company profile report gas transmission, storage, and distribution facilities

Consumers Energy Company (Consumers) is an electric and natural gas utility. Consumers is the wholly owned subsidiary of CMS Energy Corporation. The company owns and operates electric distribution and generation facilities, as well as gas transmission, storage, and distribution facilities. It… Alternative Energy, Consumers Energy Company, Deals and Alliances Profile, distribution facilities, electric and natural gas operations, energy efficiency, gas transmission, new company profile report, Storage

The Military Microgrid as Smart Grid Asset miniature grid via Lockheed’s Intelligent Microgrid Control System

Never-fail military microgrids are breaking new ground in distributed energy management. Now one of them is getting connected to the grid at large.
That’s the news from Fort Bliss, Texas, where the U.S. Army and Lockheed Martin cut the symbolic ribbon Thursday on the first Department of… advanced energy storage, Green Military Technology, Microgrid Control System, microgrids, Military Microgrid, miniature grid, News, Smart Grid, Solar Power, Storage, Tech, Utilities

Are Electric Cars Green? The External Cost of Lithium Batteries make the electric car mainstream journal Environmental Science and Technology,

One of the more fashionable concepts that one hears among people who regard themselves as environmentalists, is that the world would be much better off if only we could make the electric car mainstream.   Without having engaged in any kind of systematic survey among serious thinkers on the… Are Electric Cars Green, Carbon and De-carbonization, China, Climate, Coal, electric car mainstream journal, Electricity, Electricity Grid, Environmental Science and Technology, External Cost, Lithium Batteries make, Nuclear Power, Oil, Recycling, Risk Management, Storage, Sustainability, Transportation, Utilities

Demand Response Cuts Need for New Generation in PJM Grid about 9,000 megawatts of retirements in net capacity,

Back in 2011, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission passed Order 745, a rule that allowed demand response to bid into electricity markets and be treated as a dispatchable resource. Practically speaking, this opened the door for companies like EnerNOC and Comverge to aggregate on-demand… Carbon and De-carbonization, Cleantech, Climate, Efficiency, Electricity, electricity generation, Energy and Economy, Federal Energy Regulatory, peak demand, Politics & Legislation, Smart Grid, Storage, Utilities

Talking Wind Energy and Analytics with New GE Renewables Head Anne McEntee world’s biggest wind original equipment manufacturer (OEM):

Newly appointed GE Renewable Energy VP Anne McEntee, who will run the world leading wind division, met with a group of reporters to talk shop at Windpower 2013, the industry’s annual conclave.
McEntee replaces Vic Abate, who had led the Renewable Energy division since 2005 and oversaw its… big data, Cleantech, Electricity Grid, Environment, Finance, GE Renewable Energy, New GE Renewables Head Anne McEntee, OEM, original equipment manufacturer, renewable energy, Storage, Talking Wind Energy and Analytics, Wind, wind energy industry, wind turbines, WINDPOWER 2013, world’s biggest wind

GE Adds Energy Storage to Its Brilliant Wind Energy Turbine GE Brilliant machine’s networking infrastructure and wireless communications allow

After premiering its 2.5-megawatt, 120-meter rotor Brilliant wind turbine in February, GE is now announcing the commercial installation of the first three models that will integrate energy storage capability.
GE’s engineering advances have long been moving toward two broad objectives:… advanced energy storage, clean energy innovation, Cleantech, computer systems, Efficiency, Electricity Grid, GE Brilliant machine’s, GE’s engineering advances, networking infrastructure a, News, Storage, turbine’s multiple on board, Wind, wireless communications

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